Trip Down Memory Lane

Tomorrow I’m off to a certain high school for round two of our debating competition. It’s not the first time I’ve been to this school for debating, in fact, it was the scene of my most memorable debate ever…
We were in year eight and it was before Toong quit our team. Our topic was something about violence in team sports, but we misread it, and ended up preparing the negative side for violence in sport. We spent prep dancing on the tables,  eating lollies and singing A Whole New World so loudly the teacher from the classroom above us had to send someone down and remind us there were classes going on around us. We thought we had an awesome case, only to go into the debate and discover we’d missed the key word of ‘team’ in the topic, and so we then all had to spend our speeches saying ‘pole dancing is a team sport! You do it in teams!’ (which you totally do) over and over again. We would have lost, except the second speaker on the other team got up, started speaking then exclaimed “I JUST CAN’T DO THIS!” and sat down. 
Ahh, memories.
Hopefully tomorrow will be less eventful, but just as fun and full of wins. Although, I don’t think anything could top that debate as my favourite…

frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. ohhh deaaar. best debate ever! :)i missss the girrrlss.haahhah "I JUST CANT DO IT"hahahahah shit we're awesomeee.goooodluck in your debate. sucks we dont have a team cause the teachers at our school are weenies. :|-Charlotte ❤

  2. "I JUST CAN'T DO THIS" bahahaha what a classic. Wish I'd seen that. There would be nothing to rebut. Pole dancing is totally a team sport too 😛 I mean there was a team of pole dancers on Australia has talent!

  3. i hope you don’t take this comment the wrong way!you very nearly always say that you’re not that good at maths, etc. and going by some earlier posts i've read, you used to be the best at it. i think that’s because the level of maths that your new school teaches is more difficult than that of your old school.for instance, i transferred to a new school earlier this year. i was in the bottom b-grade class for maths at my old school, and found the work challenging. but when i came here, i was put into the top class, and the work was so much i making any sense?i think that may be the same (well, opposite of course) case for you. i don’t know. think about it.♥BB

  4. hey bb :)i totally didn't take your comment the wrong way, i think you made valid points. but i sucked at maths at my old school too hahaha. the only reason i passed etc. was because my two rad friends who i sat with were the best in the class hahahai do think that the work is harder to a degree at my new school, but not to the extent of being responsible for my grade slips. i believe it's more my compulsive procrastination and laziness :Pfp xx

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