So Friday night I got home from my totally amazing week at Girlfriend Magazine. 
Everything about the week was so entirely fabulous that I can’t wait to go back next year, this time with the bff eternally so we can get up to epic adventures together.  
At the start of the week we were given a worksheet to complete which had different writing activities on it. I loved doing most of it, except when it came to the fashion sections. I’m beyond clueless when it comes to fashion, so completing the tasks was pretty challenging. Other than that, we had to go and get the mail a lot (surprisingly, this was actually fun. You should see all the mail the beauty and fashion sections get; it’s totally crazy! Oh, and one of the guys that worked down there seriously looked like Taylor Lautner) and help out with random little jobs. My favourite was going with Sarah Tarca (who is even more amazing in person) to watch/help her make ‘spills’. Spills are those pretty squiggles of like nailpolish etc. on the beauty pages, and let me tell you now, they are so much harder to make than they look. I failed so epicly at it…it was pitiful. I had a nice chat to Sarah though, and then on Friday I got to talk to Kat the sub-editor (I think that’s what I want to do). My only regret for the week was that I didn’t talk to Rob. Next year I’ll be brave hahaha.
I loved being in Sydney for the week, although it rained a lot and, being the total genius I am, I didn’t have an umbrella. Funny story time:
Thursday night I was in the city with one of my auntys, and had to walk to the motel I was staying at to meet another aunty. I was at the QVB, and I was staying kind of near Central Station, and my aunty asked if I could walk back by myself. Knowing I just had to walk up George St and turn, I was all confident and said goodbye to her. About half an hour later in the pouring rain, I ended up at the Harbour Bridge. I rang my mum, and asked her if I should be there, and she laughed, told me to get in a taxi because I’d walked the wrong direction. You should never, ever trust me with directions; it’s hopeless. There were only two ways to walk, and I picked the wrong one *shakes head*. 
Overall, the week was super-duper fun, and it made me realise just how much I want to be a magazine journalist. On our last day, we had to write in the Workie Journal (I got so excited when I found the fonts they use in the magazine on my computer. I’m such a mag nerd). Reading what workies before me had thought of the experience was so interesting, and thinking up what to say and decorating my own page was heaps of fun. I managed to get pictures of the Harry Potter cast and the Jonas Brothers on mine, as there was way too much Twishite throughout the rest of the book for my liking.
After talking to various people throughout the week I think I’ve decided that I won’t bother doing a double degree with Law at uni, and just stick to the straight media/communications one.There are so many different options out there…it makes my head hurt.
I just want this career so badly. 

frangipani pricness xoxo

5 thoughts on “Girlfriend

  1. Sounds like an awesome week. It's a shame you didn't inherit your mum's sense of direction, you're going to end up so lost in France lol (it'll make for funny blog stories though)

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