This Is Why I Love Kurt

Due to working Thursday nights until nine, I miss seeing Glee, which makes me sad. Thankgoodness, I can watch full episodes on the channel ten website, so the first thing I do on a Friday afternoon is catch up. I really loved this weeks episode, mainly because it had so much Kurt on it. I’ve previously mentioned  my intense love for Kurt, so to see him getting so much screen time and two solos was a dream come true. My favourite of his solos was “Rose’s Turn”. I can’t stop listening to it, it’s so emotional and amazing.

(this vid has had the key changed or something, I dunno, to prevent copyright. It’s still pretty much the same thing though :S)

The relationship Kurt and his father have is so heart-wrenching, especially with this whole Finn storyline at the moment. Ahh I just love it insane amounts.
I’m so excited for this weeks ep with Neil Patrick Harris (only one of my favourite people ever) and I’m doubley excited as due to being at Girlfriend for work experience (omg! yay!) I won’t have to work Thursday night and will therefore get to watch it as it airs. So pumped.

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “This Is Why I Love Kurt

  1. i have been ridiculed (RIDICULED!) for watching/loving glee, and, for owning, um maybe every episode from the first and my friend have 'glee nights' and its basically our own public holiday.bella xx

  2. k well im not a glee-freak as such but i don't totally hate it either. i'm glad you liked the last episode fp coz personally i hated it. with all seriousness, i fell asleep in the middle of it! like seriously, i only woke up coz my sister turned up the volume lol. im pretty sure it was the biggest piece of crap ive ever seen in my life. Kurt annoys the hell outa me and i was like wtf? why is he so important all of a sudden. his solos were making me fall asleep and the current storyline is totally gay. (no pun intended).. sorry guys just another point of view :)xx

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