This Is Not Good

Today we got the results of our half-yearly maths tests back. I did pass, and above the class average, but I only ended up with 76%. Last year I was averaging 95%. Just look at these tests. 
This one is from last year:

And this one is from earlier this year:

See that? I’ve gone from 100% on tests to 50%. Ignore my actual work, especially on the newer one. A lot of it was added in after the test, when we were going through it as a class. The stuff done in pencil were my answers, but beware, they’re bad, this first page especially.
I really need to get my act together and start working my way back up. If that requires work, I really need to start soon. I’m almost halfway through year ten, if I don’t get in good habits soon, I never will.

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. sorry about all the pathetic school related posts of late, they’ll stop soon, I promise. Especially after I get back from Girlfriend with a head full of glossy-goodness 🙂

5 thoughts on “This Is Not Good

  1. I saw the first pic before I read it and assumed it was from this year, so I was thinking your new teacher's handwriting is suspiciously similar to mine.

  2. hey, i am ecstatic with a C in maths, my motto is"if it isn't a fail, then it sure as hell isn't a fail."i'm not claiming it to be the best motto and i only apply it to maths, i am more a humanities person but you need maths for your tertiary entrance, soo, i am sticking out but this is my last year ever, which is excitingkeep your chin up, if you've done your best at the end of the day, you couldn't have done anymore :)xx bella

  3. OMG! You were insanely lucky to have a test like that in Year 9. We had a test like that in Year 8. Man I miss Year seven maths, I was like pro then but then it got harder and my marks have slid. But I probably couldn't do Yr 7 maths now because of my calculator dependency for anything beyond the times tables.

  4. Wow, I remember doing those.Don't stress, hun. Seriously – all of that stuff will become second nature to you sooner rather than later. And of course you did well in your tests last year – stuff is meant to get harder as you get older! You just can't compare yourself to how you 'used to be' because life changes you. Enjoy it now, and don't let stuff like this hold you down, because later you'll regret that you were really worrying over nothing.Eva.

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