I Went To Jail Today

My commerce class went to a prison today, and let me tell you, all elaborate criminal plans of mine have gone out the window. It was one of the scariest places I have ever been, and there weren’t even any prisoners there. It was so dirty and…metal. Everything from the bed to the transport vehicles were made of metal. Prisoners can certainly expect to never be comfortable. You get no privacy, at all, and have to wear sexy green tracksuits. It wasn’t like the jails you see on tv, mainly because it was just the local cells for our court/police station, so it was much smaller, but also because instead of bars, it was all heavy like, plasticy glass. It seemed suffocating. The toilets were in the centre of the room, with nothing to keep you dignified at all. Your cell-mates could see everything, and so could anyone who happened to be watching the cctv live feed of your cell, or who was walking past at that time. I guess after a while you’d get used to it, but it’s not something I ever want to experience.
We were told that these cells were some of the best in NSW, not only because they were relatively new, but also because there were no ‘hanging spots’. I was almost sick when the realisation that people actually kill themselves, or attempt to, in places like that sunk in.
One of the Corrections Officers was talking to us and he said that when it comes to feral prisoners on arrival, women are the worst. There’s this thing in the bookings office that is nicknamed the fishbowl. It’s basically just metal benches with glass around them; make-shift cells for you to be put in after you first get arrested. Anyway, apparently around fifty percent of women, and I quote ‘take off their clothes and do disgusting things’ after being put in there, just to try and anger the officer’s. Personally, the knowledge that I’d just been arrested would have me cowering in shame; I’d be in no state to strip off. Although, every prisoner does have to have a full body and crevice search. Doesn’t that just sound lovely?
It just makes me sad that so many people end up in jail. I realise how lucky I am to have grown up in a family where I am taught right from wrong. I know others aren’t that lucky. We also visted local court today, and the sherrif told us that he’s been there so long, he not only sees repeat offenders, but their children now as well. It’s bad enough to be a repeat offender, but to then have your children follow in your footsteps…It wouldn’t be a very proud moment. 
It was such an eye-opening experience, and I’d love to one day visit an actual jail with prisoners in it. I would be beyond terrified, but just to see how they live, and survive, in such a terrible place would be amazingly interesting. 
When we walked outside and I breathed in, I realised just how fresh the outside air was, compared to the stale air that filled the cells. I hadn’t paid that much attention to it while I was in there, but once I left there was such an amazing difference, I wondered how I’d managed to breathe inside in the first place. To think that people spend year upon year with only minor amounts of this fresh air was, to me, one of the saddest discoveries of the day.

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “I Went To Jail Today

  1. one of the most terrifying experiences of my life was going on a ghost tour through old prisons from convict settlement, not really the same thing but it was so horrific. It was pretty late at night and by the time me and my friends (and the rest of the tour) got to the prison for dangerous criminals and solitary confinement, everyone was in tears, no one could go inside, there were people hyperventilating. we had to walk around the outside. i hated it!

  2. It is saddening. I'd hate to go to jail, but I know I'd be way to scared to kill myself in there.I've read way to many books, although you'd have to admit that the jail you went to couldn't have been half as bad a Azkaban. :Px

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