Jemi Split

Just over two months ago, Jemi confirmed they were dating.Today, they announced their split. There were some crazy rumours going around, like that Joe got Papa J to dump her on the phone, or that Demi is now dating Wilmer Valderrama. Popstar Magazine  blogged that on a recent photoshoot with both Demi and JB, they refused to be photographed together, and that the usual fun chemistry between them all was non-existant. Demi herself then tweeted:

First of all, I’m glad she was a big enough person to admit it, and not just leaving everyone hanging, and to make up their own version of events. But I’m going to call absolute crap on the friends thing. They’re not going to remain friends, it never works like that. Maybe in a few months or years, like Nick and Miley, but not right now. I’m pretty angry at some so called ‘Jonas’ fans right now. They’ve all ditched Joe, even though he’s probably hurting just as much as Demi. Seriously, he’s lost over ten thousand twitter followers today. Not cool guys not cool.
It makes me giggle that they were so excited to tour together though. Now they’re just going to have an extremely awkward time. It’s funny, Nick and Miley toured together and broke up, Joe and Taylor toured together, then broke up, and now Joe and Demi are planning a tour together and have broken up. JB need to realise that touring with girlfriends is definitely not a good idea. 
Although I’m really sad about this split, I’m all for a Jaylor reunion soon. I think Tswizzle is my favourite out of all of Joe’s girlfriends, and they need to get back together. Even if it is just so we get more epic songs…

frangipani princess xoxo 

2 thoughts on “Jemi Split

  1. lol that is funny, the tour-then-break-up trend. i was never really in approval of the relationship but i do like demi so i feel kinda sorry. but i read your draco malfoy post (the previous one) and man, do i feel the same way or what…no joke. really, like i have never come across anyone with an obsession like that like i have with draco malfoy/tom felton/both…! and i am excited šŸ™‚ thanks for sharing!-lise

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