I Love Draco

I have an unleathy obsession with Draco Malfoy. Ok, you’ve probably realised by now that all obsessions are unhealthy, but whatever. I never used to like Draco, I viewed him as the villian he is portrayed as, and hated him for his treatment of the ‘good guys’ . I don’t know when my view changed, but I think it was sometime around the release of the HBP movie. He’s so…tortured in that movie. So raw. So vulnerable. I couldn’t help but start to feel sorry for him. And then I discovered how amazingly gorgeous Tom Felton was, and started reading fanfics which showed a different side of Draco. By the time I’d watched AVPM, he was fast becoming one of my favourite characters. It’s not his fault he’s so evil, he’s just been brought up in a toxic environment and doesn’t know how to be kind. What he says and how he acts aren’t his opinions, he just repeats what his mum and dad and extended family and friends say. When you’re brought up in a family of Death Eaters, let’s face it, there’s not much hope for you. You begin to see his true colours in HBP when he can’t kill Dumbledore. If he had been as evil as his family, sixteen or not, he would have done it. The simple fact he chickened out, and was so cut up throughout the school year, is enough for me to realise he’s not as bad as they want us to believe. He’s the most misunderstood character in the series, in my opinion. All he wants to do is succeed, but he’s never quite there. He has to work hard, and most of the time, still fails, and then Harry and co just waltz in and become the heroes. He’s jealous of Harry, but he would never admit that. What would kill him to admit though, is that really, he just wants to be Harry’s friend. He’s wanted to be his friend since their first meeting, but circumstance and family legacies meant it was never to be. Personally, and this might just come from too many fanfics, but I like to think that Albus and Scorpius became best friends after meeting on the train and not knowing/caring about family history. Their friendship forced Harry and Draco to socialise, and finally, they both got the friendship they so secretly desired. 
Speaking of the epilogue, they were filming it yesterday/today/sometime, which makes me insanely sad, but also gives us pictures! You can find some on My Tumblr ,as I don’t know who to credit properly to post them here. They’re so awesome, I can’t wait to see it. Even though I’ll suffer from a major Post-Potter Depression when it’s over forever…

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “I Love Draco

  1. I love his character, too. He was so funny in AVPM. I love how he was falling for Hermionie. That should've been in the book. The only problem is I can't take him seriously now when I watch real Harry Potter movies after watching AVPM – when he looks sad for example, I just think "I bet he wishes he were with Rumbleroar". -Hannah =]

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