Eight More PE Lessons Ever

One of my biggest hates is being told I’m wrong, which is why despise maths so much. In maths, I’m always being told I’m wrong, that I’m doing it wrong, that I arrived at the wrong conclusion. Who are they to tell me whether I’m right or not? Maybe I just put my own spin on an overused problem. Maybe I discovered something new and I’m actually right. I love english so much because you can be creative. There’s not just one right answer, there are varying degrees of right. Instead of being as black and white as maths, there are shades of grey. And I love those shades of grey. In maths, as soon as there’s a big fat cross next to your answer, that’s it. No more arguments. No room for negotiation. In english, if you can’t convince them in your written words, you can at least voice your justifications for your response afterwards. There’s no room for justification in maths.
I know nothing about geography. I have spent every geography lesson this year half listening while watching my neighbours play solitaire and surfing the web. I couldn’t tell you anything about aid if you paid me. And yet, I’m confident for my test on Wednesday. Just like I didn’t listen before my first test and I still managed to almost get full marks. You see, even if I neglected to listen to the key points of the topic, I can still make stuff up. Bulk up my essay with big geographical words and structure my answers perfectly. I can write and write and write, and my teacher will forget to realise I don’t actually know what I’m talking about. 
My maths half-yearly is tomorrow. I’m not going to be as lucky. There are no big words, or words full stop, to use in maths. There’s nothing to beef up, or hide my lack of knowledge. Just me and some numbers (and letters, I guess, as we’ve done algebra). There’s no room for sweeping conclusions full of statements I’ve made up on the spot, just answers that will end up with big red crosses next to them.
Don’t get me wrong, I have attempted to study, but maths frustrates me. It stifles my inner-writer, and as I stare at the text book, begging for it to make sense, I end up on here, ranting about how stupid it is. It’s just so pointless. Seriously. 
On a happier note, I have eight weeks left of maths ever. As in ever ever. As in thirty-two lessons (forty including doubles) and it’s over forever. As in 1600 minutes of torture. As in twenty-seven hours. As in just over a solid day and I never have to think about equations or algebra or indices or any of the other stupid things I have to suffer through ever again. Ok, so I will have to do it in France, but it’ll be French maths, and being French makes everything cooler. Plus, I only have to maintain a C over there. I also only have one week left of geography. That’s five lessons including my double, just two hundred minutes, and I never have to think about memorising those concepts again. I’m so excited. And that means next week I start History, which I actually like enough to care about and try in. As my exchange and the middle of year ten draws nearer, I’m loving the feeling of finishing certain subjects forever. Like PE. Oh my gosh, how could I forget pe? I only have eight pe lessons left ever. EIGHT! Just 640 minutes, or eleven hours, and I never have to do prac evereverever again. 
Realising this just made me insane amounts of happy.

frangipani princess xoxo 

7 thoughts on “Eight More PE Lessons Ever

  1. So will you be away for school certificate?that's so cool!The French exchange I was going to go on left the day AFTER school certificate finished :(I hope you have a great trip :Dxx

  2. I'm the total opposite. I love maths BECAUSE it is either right or wrong, and dislike english because it can never be marked fairly by all teachers and is so objective. Although it is good to be able to make stuff up and get good marks too 🙂

  3. Ughhh I hate algebra! & that's why a lot of people LIKE math, they're either right or wrong-no guessing games.But I'm like you, I love to argue, and I worship those gray areas.I thought our big test at the end of the year to see if I would move on to Algebra II next year would be a piece of cake, but as of now,it's a bitch.And the teacher said only 3-5 students pass it ever year.And I'm not going to be any of those people. BECAUSE I CAN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING THAT WE'VE DONE THIS YEAR.So screw it.xx,~Abby~

  4. lol, if you hate maths then why did you put in the effort to count up how many minutes you have left of it. and pretty sure you're in maths one for a reason.

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