Schindler’s List

In elective history at the moment, we’re studying Nazi Germany (original, right?), and as part of that our ‘personality’ to study is Schindler. We’re currently watching Schindler’s List, and I hate it. I mean, it’s a really good movie and Ralph Fiennes (Voldy!) plays the villain, which is never bad, but it’s disturbing. I missed watching some in class the other day due to the SMH public speaking award (which I won! State Semi Finals here I come!), so I rented it to catch up. I sat down to watch it last night, and I couldn’t finish it. I was feeling that creeped out and upset that I just couldn’t take watching them shoot another child. Another innocent human, who had done absolutely nothing wrong. It was sick. There’s this one scence, ‘the liquidation of the Jewish Ghetto’ and they just kill everyone. It’s just bang, bang, bang. The worst part of it is the bit when they’re killing all these kids who were hiding out, and one of the officers sits down and starts playing the piano. He’s just sitting there, playing his little song while thousands are being murdered around him. 
It’s so awful, and it actually happened. That’s the bit I can’t stand. The fact that it’s not the creepy creation of some writer’s mind, but history. That all those people really did die, just because of their religion. That they really did just kill them for no particular reason. Just bang, bang, bang. It makes me happy that there were people like Oskar Schindler to save some of their lives, but he only saved 1200. I say ‘only’ because over six million died in the Holocaust. Six freaking million people, for no reason whatsoever except for being some crazy guy’s scapegoat. It makes me sick to even think about it. Watching the movie, you see little kids and people around my age being killed too. What can a five year old have done to deserve death? You can barely call someone a Jew (or any religion) at that age! Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.
I’ll have to watch the end of it in class, and only the knowledge that Schindler does save some of their lives will allow me to cope with it.

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Did you guys know all Hitler wanted was to be an artist? A freaking artist. But he got rejected from art school and decided to become a political maniac, killing all those innocent people. They should have just let him in.

3 thoughts on “Schindler’s List

  1. in the special features of the movie, they interview a lot of the people that schindler saved who are still alive, i watched it after watching schindlers list and it makes you feel a bit better, just that, the goodness in human spirit can overcome evil or something and that everyday people can be heroes in horrifying circumstances i guess, but yeah doesn't make for comfortable viewing!

  2. I studied that last year in History! It's absolutely disgusting.Have you seen 'Life is Beautiful'?thats about the holocaust and dear lord it is SAD but it is honestly one of the greatest movies.

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