Did I tell you I have a tumblr now too? Actually, I’ve had one for ages, and have tumblr-stalked people for over a year, but I’ve only just started using it. You can find it over here at, the ever so creatively named,Frangipani Princess. It’s mainly just re-blogs of Harry Potter and AVPM things that make me giggle, with a spattering of cute pictures and awesome quotes. Basically, it’s what I do when I’m incredibly bored and procrastinating doing my homework.
Follow me if you’re cool 🙂

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Oh

  1. Haha I've been stalking you on tumblr for awhile now.I'm "thesoapqueen."I reblogged pretty much all of your HP pics this morning. :)xx,~Abby~

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