Clean Start

I have terrible skin, I’ll be the first to admit it. I suffered through three years of horrendous acne before finally going to the doctor, then being put on antibiotics, only to have them fail. I was then sent to a Dermatologist who took one look at me and said Roaccutane, which I went on and suffered foul side-effects, but the acne was gone. Until a few months after I finished the initial course, that is. It was then back to my Dermatologist, and back on my favourite medication. I currently have seven more months, before, fingers crossed, hopefully finishing forever.
Because of how dodgy my skin is, I have to be super careful with what I put on it. It can’t be too harsh or drying, or contain icky chemicals because mr roaccutane makes my skin so much more sensitive than usual. That said, some of the products recommended by the Dermatologist make me feel like even more of a freak than I do for being on the drug in the first place, they’re positively pharmaceutical. So when the lovely people from Dermalogica offered to send me some products from their Clean Start range (the sample-sizes of the range were given as the freebie in Girlfriend Magazine last month), one created especially for teens, how could I say no?
So the other week I got a lovely package in the mail, containing four of their products; ‘wash off’, ‘ready set scrub’, ‘brighten up’ and ‘hit the spot’.
Wash Off is their cleanser. Slightly orange scented and foaming, it leaves your face feeling really clean, without being dry.
It gets off all grime and traces of make-up etc. you may have on. If you feel you may need a deeper cleaning product, then Ready Set Scrub is for you.
Doubling as both a face-mask and a facial-scrub, you can feel it really getting in and cleaning your face. Again, it doesn’t leave your face dry or icky, which is super important in a product, especially for me. Even if they don’t dry out my face, I still need a good moisturiser, which is where Brighten Up steps in.
A super shimmery moisturiser with added light-tint and no shine, it’s perfect for day wear. It gives you basic coverage without leaving your looking like an oompa-loompa. It’s also spf15+ which is awesome, because the harsh Australian sun is dangerous, even in winter. I always forget to put on sunscreen (which is really bad, because roaccutane makes you 392387129836 times more sensitive to the sun. Whoops.) so to be adding protection when I moisturise is perfect.
Another fault of roaccutane (do you see a recurring pattern here?) is that sometimes it does let pimples through. Like the other day when I woke up to find a giant, angry red pimple on my chin. Thankfully, I had Hit The Spot sitting in the cupboard waiting to be tried out.
It seemed to dry out my pimple quite quickly, and I only needed a few applications to see a difference. I loved the awesome pushy-button applicator, however I kind of felt like an awful lot came out when I only needed a little bit.
Basically, especially for someone with skin as bad as mine, the Clean Start range are perfect products. They’re made of nice ingredients, have cute packaging and unique names, and have a massive range to choose from. They start from around $39 a product, but don’t let the price put you off. While you can get ‘similar’ products at the supermarket for a fraction of the price, you lose out on quality, and what I’ve learnt through my skin-nightmares is that quality > quantity. Sometimes you just have to splurge, you’ll be thankful later. You can buy online HERE, or use the store-locator also on the website to find a salon/shop near you that stocks the awesome products.
What skin products do you use? Am I the only one with crapola skin?
frangipani princess xoxo

6 thoughts on “Clean Start

  1. well, pretty much, yeah. kinda how pr works. but i wouldn't have written nice things if they had been crap. i really did love them, and will continue to buy them. they're perfect for my skin :)fp xx

  2. That's cool you got the freebies. I hate getting pimples, but it's partially my fault for not having a skin cleanser/moisturizer routine. The only thing I use sometimes, is this little clearasil cleansing cloths. But the main thing with me is I get dermatitis on my neck a little and tonnes on my hands, so I user either dermaid 1% on it or palmers cocoa butter (also make an awesome lip gloss that smells like cherry ripe!) Hopefully some people see the product here and it helps them with their skin 🙂

  3. I also have extremely sensitive skin and I use Dermaveen moisteriser. It is sooo good as it restores the Ph. balance in your skin (apparently, anyway! haha). You can get it from pharmacies, priceline, chemist warehouse etc. It really is the best thing ever!! oh and it is ridiculously cheap. xxP.S love the blog 🙂

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