Today makes me sad for three reasons.
1. A Very Potter Sequel is opening (well, their fourteenth, which I guess is our tomorrow, but whatever) in Ann Arbor, and as I’m about as far from Ann Arbor as possible, I have to wait another two months to see it. Sigh.
2. The Jonas Brothers had another live chat this morning which, of course, due to school, I couldn’t watch live. They couldn’t have made it tomorrow morning, could they?!
3.. Today marks a year since Jonas Brothers the 3D Concert Experience was released here, which makes it a year since Toong and I had all our epic adventures. Well, we’ve had a lot of epic adventures, but a year ago was, like, the most epic. Not only did we see JB3D three times in as many days, but we discovered yummy American food (peanut butter cups, anyone?!), went shopping, spent hours in borders (and like, hours at a train station, ‘cos we’re cool like that) and did the hoedown throwdown on the train, much to the amusement of our fellow passengers. /sigh. How can that have been a year ago?
I hate time. Have I mentioned that? Probably, but still, I’m re-enforcing the fact. I hate it because it goes so quickly and makes the best times just memories. Memories that will one day be forgotten. I hate that my life seems to just be flying by, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. I hate that another week has gone, and I can successfully say I’ve achieved nothing. I just wish it would slow down for a while, allow me to savour the moment. Allow me to live in the moment.
Today at lunch the girls I was sitting with were talking about primary school, and it hit me that it’s been four years since I was in primary school. Four freaking years. It feels like yesterday. As each day goes by I’m getting further and further away from the innocent childhood I still crave, and closer and closer to the scary grown-up future I only want parts of.
I miss the days when the most trouble I had in maths was remembering 6×9=54, and when an ‘assignment’ was making a title page. How can that have been so many years ago when I feel like it could have been last week? Will time keep going this quickly? Will I wake up one day and be in university, and go ‘wow, has it really been that long since I was in year ten?’.
I swear times going faster and faster as I get older. Maybe it’s because when I was younger I took the time to stand back and appreciate what was going on, but now I’m just rushrushrush always wanting the next big thing to happen. Maybe that’s my problem. I hold out for the exciting times so much, and can’t wait for them to occur, that the in between bits that I don’t overly care about at the time become insignificant, and lead to the illusion of my life flying by. Maybe all I need to do is learn to enjoy now and live every moment to it’s fullest, and then time will slow down for me. At the very least, it will create more memories to look back on in times like these where all I can do is wonder where the hell my life has gone.
frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “Time

  1. year 12 already like half-over, and it still feels like I've just left grade 6 and started at "big school" lol.Sorry to say this, but time seems to go even faster now and I hate how there's nothing we can do to stop it =(

  2. I Feel Exactly The Same. Thankyou for posting that blog because I used to think I was the only one who felt this way. Its good to know somebody out there feels the same. =)

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