The Interview You’ve All Been Waiting For

I’m a massive stalker, we all know that. I take liking celebrities to levels most people didn’t think possible (apparently, I have something called ‘celebrity worship syndrome’, although I just call myself an extremely devoted fan).This is exactly why I’m following the Jonas Brother’s (non-famous) aunty and uncle on twitter, why I’ve spent hours going through the comments of Demi Lovato’s friends pre-fame on myspace, how I know some totally crazy things about my favourite celebrities that most people wouldn’t even think possible, and, most importantly how I managed to score an interview with someone so totally awesome, I couldn’t believe they actually said yes. I’m not going to go into how I found her email address, because you will all think I’m even creepier than you already do. The point is, I got the interview, and I’m super excited.
I let a few of you know on twitter and formspring that I was interviewing someone from A Very Potter Musical, but I kept just who a secret. Made you shiver with antici……PATION. But the wait is over. The interview is here. My lucky subject (alright, she’s not lucky to be interviewed by me, I’m lucky to be interviewing her) is the amazingly epic Lauren Lopez. Don’t know who she is? Get off my blog. I’m kidding, of course, but you should know that she plays Draco Malfoy, only the coolest character in the entire play. She is ever so lovely, and agreed to answer my questions, even though her life is totally hectic at the moment, due to Camp AVPS (A Very Potter Sequel) being on. It opens in just seven days, but for those of us not lucky enough to live in America and score tickets, we have to wait until July to see it on youtube. twomonthstwomonthstwomonthstwomonths. 

So here it is:

Frangipani princess (FP) – At what age did you decide to pursue theatre as a career?
Lauren Lopez (LL) – In high school

FP – What course did you study at university?
LL – Theatre Performance

FP – Favourite part of going to the University of Michigan?
LL – It’s where I met some of my best friends, who happen to be the most amazing, creative people I know. Oh, and I learned a lot of stuff, too.

FP – Favourite part of acting?
LL – It feeds my soul.

FP – Least favourite?
LL – The time before you’re off-book when you’re trying to run through scenes with the stupid script in your hands!

FP – What do you do when you’re not performing?
LL – Laugh as much as possible.

FP – Favourite musical/play/other you’ve ever performed in?
LL – Too hard! I have been so fortunate to have been a part of some amazing projects and they have all changed me in some way. I can’t choose!

FP – How did you first get involved with A Very Potter Musical?
LL – Our group had been close friends, and working together, for about 4 years. We did a spoof of Lord of the Rings the year before and they decided to do a Harry Potter one next!

FP – Were you friends with the cast members before you performed it?
LL – Yup! We all went to U of M together and the majority of us studied theatre together. I love them.

FP – Is there a particular reason Malfoy rolls around so much?
LL – He is very insecure and so badly wants to be cool. He tries to strut and pose to look cool but has very little coordination, and doesn’t quite know when to stop the posing, so he just keeps rolling around and ends up looking stupid.

FP – How long did it take you to learn the script?
LL – We learned the whole show in about 5 days, so…5 days.

FP – Favourite song?
LL – Different As Can Be

FP – Favourite quote?
LL –Too many to choose! But one of my top favorites is, “Are you kids ready to fight a dragon?! Of course not, you’re just children, what the hell am I thinking?!”

FP – Favourite character?
LL – That’s an impossible question to answer!

FP – You also performed in Little White Lie, another a StarKid production. Which was your favourite to help create, or are they too different to compare?
LL – We’ve done a bunch of projects together, and they’re all too unique to compare them

FP – When you signed up to be a part of AVPM, did you ever dream it would become as much of a success as it has?
LL – NEVER. I didn’t even know it was going to be filmed! None of us had any clue it would become what it has.

FP – Facebook and Twitter tell me rehearsals for AVPS have just started and you begin performances on the fourteenth (it kills me that i’m in Australia and have to wait until july to see it on youtube), is it hard to perfect it in that amount of time?
LL – Well, we usually pull together shows in a few days, with only a few hours each day to work on them. Now we have about 10 days, with a lot more time to work each day. It’s still crazy and hectic, but at least it’s more time than we’re used to!

FP – What can we expect from AVPS?
LL – Some stuff about Harry Potter…maybe.

 FP – Have you always been a Harry Potter fan?
LL – YES. Since 6th grade.

FP – Favourite book?
LL – Goblet of Fire.

FP – Favourite character?
LL – Professor Trelawney, or Neville.

FP – If you were at Hogwarts, would you be in Slytherin or a different house?
LL – Totally Gryffindor.

FP – Hogwarts or Pigfarts?
LL – Hogwarts, followed by a wizard graduate degree from Pigfarts.

FP – Elephant sized puppy or puppy sized elephant?

FP – Favourite dinosaur?
LL – Pteradactyl

FP – At a Harry Potter dress up party, would you go as Malfoy or another character?
LL – I’d go as JK Rowling: wearing a dress made out of money.

FP – Hottest member of starkid?
LL – Joe Walker’s abs.

FP – Opinion of the Jonas Brothers?
LL – The middle one does diabetes commercials. (FP note: silly Lauren, it’s the youngest (in the band at least) who does the commercials.)

FP – Advice on surviving teen years?
LL – Don’t take yourself so seriously.

FP – Anything else?
LL – Unicorns.

 And there you have it. Isn’t she epic? I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Lauren for agreeing to do this, I don’t think I’ve been so excited in a very long time.They say if you can’t beat them join them, and due to my lack of a singing voice and non-existant acting skills, I’ve decided if you can’t join them, you might as well be able to interview them 🙂
Also, a reminder for those of you who are yet to see AVPM, SEE IT NOW! You won’t regret it; I’m yet to talk to someone who hasn’t fallen head over heels in love with it from the very first scene. See it before July, so you’re all right and up to date for the release of AVPS. I can’t wait to see what happens in it, to hear all the new songs and fall in love with the characters all over again. Oh, and get some new lines to quote constantly. To put it simply, StarKid are amazing geniuses.
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. due to the epicness of this interview, I scheduled it so it would post at 7.05 on 7-05. That’s how cool I think this is.

6 thoughts on “The Interview You’ve All Been Waiting For

  1. joe's abs are the hottest. Followed by darren. Quack and i totally didn't steal daniel's laptop to google them in food yesterday. Puppy sized elephants ftw.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. Hey Frangi it's Holley, your friend (I presume haha) from twitter. I can't believe it's Lauren Lopez!!! Best TeamStarKid cast member by far (even though Joe Walker's abs ARE pretty great 😉 ). She even manages to be my preferred Malfoy over Tom Felton (which is a very difficult task!) Wow, she's actually really funny. And don't worry about the stalking, you're DEFINITELY not the only one 😛 Alas, mostly when I try to show my friends the epicness that is avpm, they don't like it :S And these are huge potter freaks might I add (my entire class threw a HP party last year, the one in which my infamous 'Snape Rap' was created aha). It's a shame she didn't reveal anything about the plot of avps, I'll hopefully be able to find spoils though hehe. Anyway that's all, I rambled a lot 😉 I was just so excited when I read it ahaha. Great interview! :)P.S Sorry if that was annoying 😛

  3. Hmm this interview made me want to watch AVPM again and wish the sequel was coming out earlier! And who would pick an elephant sized puppy? Puppy size elephant kinda reminds me of a pokemon that looks like that lol

  4. Love AVPM thanks to ellz which im gussing was becaue of you lol. So jealous that you got to interview lauren lopez. Draco is so cool in AVPM. Now i want to watch it again…..okay im going to watch it…cya

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