We Made Babies Today

You know what I’ve discovered I’m a really big fan of? Biology. I always I thought I’d hate it, due to my hatred of dissection, but much like how I assumed I’d love physics*, once I actually started the topic my opnion changed drastically.
A part of me has always wanted to be a doctor, so to learn all about genetics and how we well, become what we are, is really interesting. I love discovering which characteristics are dominant and which are recessive, and just how I managed to end up with two different coloured eyes (genetic screw up, apparently, I inherited two dominant genes, something which should be impossible.). The human body is such an amazing machine, I find discovering how it all works to be absolutely fascinating.
We ‘made babies’ in Science today. As in, we had to write out copies of our chromosomes with certain genetic codes written on them, then partner up with a guy (or well, girl if you were a guy), toss them all on the floor, and whatever codes were pointing up were the ones your baby inherited. We had a girl with well, lots of other characteristics I can’t remember. Fabulous faux-mother I am. We have to make a birth announcement next lesson and put together a picture of our new child, so I’ll be sure to post them here when they’re done 😛

Which branch of science is your favourite? Have you ever had one opinion going into a topic/subject, and the opposite leaving it?

frangipani princess xoxo

*I always said I was going to do physics for my hsc as my main science subject, but when I actually did it this year, it was hate at first worksheet. Everything about it made my head hurt and who wants to do maths in a subject that well, isn’t maths? (actually, who wants to do maths full stop?!) Needless to say, Bio is definitely replacing Physics on my subject selections.

7 thoughts on “We Made Babies Today

  1. I don't if it's the same thing, but when we were studying hearts last year i thought is was soooo boring. Then this year when we were studying volcanos and plate tectonics I thought it was so interesting. We haven't done genetics though. :)x

  2. wow! you have two different coloured eyes? that's awesome. what colours are they?when it comes to science, i loved bio too. chemistry was a living hell though and the day i dropped it was a great day indeed.

  3. Yeah, I thought I'd do physics in senior school too and than it ended up being boring (I guess it seemed cool in theory). In early highschool, I thought I didn't like bio, but now I actually really like it! More than chemistry (which I thought was my favourite branch of science) Yeah but originally I didn't think I was much of a science person. Sometimes a subject you hate, you end up liking (although alot of the time you hate it anyways *cough* PE, woodwork, metalwork, electronics)

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