My Study Habits Suck

Last term I was a massive procrastinator, as in, I did everything the day before they were due, and didn’t study for tests. This lead to a lot of un-needed stress, so during the holidays I made a decision; this term I plan to study a lot (that would be cool if you were actually hot). As usual though, the best made plans seem to fail, and I seem to be procrastinating just as much, if not more, than last term. It’s not like I don’t think about doing it; I set out time and structure it per subject, but then the internet or the tv distracts me and suddenly it’s eleven pm yet again and I’ve written two sentences of a six page assignment, or haven’t started that homework due tomorrow, or studied for that test it’s likely I’ll fail. I do always get everything done, don’t get me wrong (ok, I admit, I never do get around to studying for tests), but it’s always the day before it’s due, which freaks me (and my parents) out, as it’s midnight and I’m still trying to describe my households waste generation, or write an essay on Rasputin’s influence in the downfall of Tsar Nicholas’s reign, or complete a practice school certificate exam. This is where I thank my lucky stars that I’m half-smart, as I can do this and still get relatively good marks (an assignment done the night before it’s due usually averages a 90%). I just really need to break this habit before my senior years. I mean, it’s been all fine and dandy leaving everything until the last minute until now, but when the work is hard and actually matters, well, that’s when I start to need to begin my work earlier. I just have such a short attention span and get distracted so easily.
My elective history assignment is due tomorrow. I planned my whole day around finishing it, I even turned down a shift at work tonight (I missed one yesterday for a family thing so they’re being nice and trying to give me one to make up for it. Luckily I don’t really need the money) so I could get it done without any stress. And yet, it’s four thirty, I’ve been working on it for six hours and it’s still not done. Want to know why? Because I go to do it and then have genius ideas like writing a blog post about procrastinating instead of actually doing my work. I have written three quarters of it, but something tells me I’ll still be working on it late into tonight. Did I mention I’ve had five weeks to do this? Don’t even make me think of the Rostrum speech that I’m meant to be presenting on Tuesday and is as yet a half formed introduction in my head. Or about studying for the three tests I have this week, including the maths one I’m likely going to fail because I don’t really get it, and instead of asking for help I’ve been copying my homework answers out of the text book. Just don’t.
Seriously, aside from working on my lametop where I can’t get onto anything distracting, does anyone have any ideas that can help me with my study/work habits?

frangipani princess xoxo

6 thoughts on “My Study Habits Suck

  1. As a year 12 I should be able to provide with some miracle studying methods to help you through, but I'm afraid that I'm in the same boat as you… and it's year 12 lol.Uhm, best advice I have is create a study timetable and block in all your activites and /leisure/ stuff too, and then whenever you have an empty space do homework then. also try working one hour on, one hour off; because our brains tend to only work in 45minute blocks and kind of shut down after that which makes it even more difficult to get stuff done.Maybe I should follow my own advice? hahahagoodluck georgie, you'll find a way that suits you soon =]

  2. Three years out of high school and two years into university and I am just the same as I was then – a hardcore procrastinator, relying on the adrenaline rush of intense stress to get an assignment done the night before. Cue red-bull. Unfortunately I can't offer you any adivce as I haven't overcome this problem (still). It sounds like we are similar though- during VCE I left study and assignments to the last minute, yet still managed to get really good marks and an ENTER above 95, much to the annoyance of my hard working friends. The bad thing is, this reinforcement/reward of good marks for little effort only makes the procrastination continue. Why change if the results you are getting are more than acceptable?Definitely try your best to combat it though, as VCE (yrs 11 & 12) really is a stressful time and you don't need to add to it. Add the completely autonomous nature of university study and the problem worsens, albeit without the pressure of a final (seemingly life-determining) score. Good luck! Oh, and can you tell that I am currently meant to be writing a 3000 word critical literature review on academic scholar's theory in publicity and public relations?

  3. I'm pretty much the same as you. I leave evrything til the night before. In fact I don't think I've ever had any assignment done before the day before it's due. But I still manage to get good marks, the price just being lack of sleep. So even though I have no authority in study skills, maybe try getting all your research done and print it out so you haven't got the internet to distract you and write it on your 'lametop' or by hand and then type it up later.This is really random too but say you're doing math homework where you have multiple questions, get a cup of grapes (if you like them, or some sort of food) and everytime you finish a question you get a few grapes or whatever. sounds like training animal or something but still if it works, it works lol.Good luck 😀

  4. It really sounds like procrastinating is the normal thing to do, even though we all know it is the wrong thing to do. I don't think my brain can function as well as when there is pressure and even though every time I stay up late doing assignments and it feels really horrible, I still manage to repeat my actions.But a good method may be working on an assingment for 15-20 minutes every day. So it is nothing big, nothing missed out on, but by crunch time at least you'll have some work done.I also have the nike "Just do it" tick on my wall to tell me that it is stupid putting thigns offAs I write I am meant to be staring a 1000 word essay though, so these methods don't work that well for me clearly :P-L

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