I hate the word normal. I just don’t get it. Like, how do we know what it is? To me, like most things in life, normal is based on perception; it’s in the eye of the beholder. Generally though, it seems to be majority rules. Whatever the masses decide they like becomes the status quo, and whoever doesn’t agree automatically becomes weird. Right. This idea works in theory, I guess, but then you have things like this happen:

and you realise that everyone, in their own way, rejects normalcy. Especially as teenagers, we’re trying to discover who we are, and I guess part of that includes being rebellious, to various degrees. The thing is, if normal really does come down to majority rules, and everyone is being rebellious, that makes it normal, right? It becomes normal to go out and do crazy things and alter your appearance and go completely insane. And if you try and be all hardcore and act in a perceived ‘rebellious’ way, because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do, it’s not hardcore, is it? It’s normal. Boring. Cliched.
In it’s own ironic way, avoiding being normal has become the new normal.
The definition of normal I have in my head, unsurprisingly, leaves me in the ‘weird range’. The funny thing is, I’ve seen people who fit my definition of ‘normal’ perfectly join facey groups like the one above, or post pictures with messages declaring themselves to be as far from normal as possible. It makes me wonder, if I think they’re normal, and they don’t, what do they think being normal is? Or are they simply doing all those things because, as I said above, avoiding being normal is the new cool thing to do? Maybe normal has never existed. Maybe we all just assume everyone else is normal, but in reality we all have our quirks and our habits, and if the definition of normal does come down to what is most widely accepted, none of us really fit the cookie cutter mould .We probably never have, and never will.


 Then again, maybe everyone except me knows what normal is. Maybe I’m the only one who’s completely clueless, and is all for the removing of the word from the dictionary. Enlighten me, dear readers, what do you believe normal is?

frangipani princess xoxo

8 thoughts on “Normal

  1. i sort of think the definition of normal is majority rules. It's what is regular for most people, for the status quo, it's the usual, average, or typical state of a condition so I guess it stands to reason what the majority consider normal, becomes what normal is.I completely agree about people trying to rebel from normality, and as a result it becomes completely normalxx bella

  2. I don't try to be anything. I'm always myself. And if at that time it's "not normal" or "normal," then good for them. For now, I'll stick to being the always random, nice, and funny Abby.Enjoy your weekend. :)xx,~Abby~

  3. Normal is what people WANT us to be. Normal is being mature. Normal is fitting in, and, if need be, changing ourselves to fit in. You have a point when you say that if everyone is 'not normal', that makes it all 'normal', but we are all 'not normal' in our own ways, I guess. I'm not really sure how to explain it, but just because most of us are 'not normal', it doesn't make us 'normal'.Basically, I think that being normal is trying to fit in and be like everyone else, and being not normal is being yourself and not being afraid of what people think of you, etc. Hope that wasn't just a whole lot of jibberish…

  4. oh wow, i dont think ive ever seen the word 'normal' be used so much in such a short amount of writing. i'd like to comment but i didnt really take any of it in lol i just kept reading the word normal :Pid like to see you write a post like that and use 'abnormal' the exact same amount of times. i think that would be equally as confusing :Dxx

  5. wow, is it just me or does normal sound weird to anyone else right now? It lost its meaning in my head half way through :P-L

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