Things I Like

Standing in the rain
Having a good cry
Laying in bed and thinking
Getting exciting emails
Making new friends
Listening to a song you used to love but haven’t listened to in ages
When dinner is actually something I eat
Having something remind you of a funny memory
Inside jokes
Relating everything back to an obsession (Jonas Brothers, Harry Potter etc.)
Getting actual letters in the mail (let’s be penpals!)
Writing lists
Having dnms
Secrets, espcially those on OUTS and PostSecret
Long, hot showers
The Jonas Brothers releasing Australian tour dates (ok, so it hasn’t actually happened yet, but it will in a few hours, ‘kay?)
The smell of a new magazine
The smell of a new book
Movies that make me cry
Movies that make me laugh
Actually understanding things in maths (seriously, I don’t understand how I’m still in the top class)
Sleeping in
Waking up and realising you don’t have school
Spending time with my Bff Eternally
Watching awkward moments happen to people who aren’t you
Catching up with old friends
People who hate Biebz as much as I do
Songs with catchy choruses
Musical theatre
Reading nice things people have to say about me/blog
Having people compliment me
Meeting people I admire
Quoting movies
Song lyrics that describe my life
Not having to wear a tie to school (oh wait…)

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. I updated my ‘who i am section’. Click up the top, or here to ch-ch-check it out 🙂

9 thoughts on “Things I Like

  1. I like the updated about you section. Maths rooms are defiantely guarded by dementors (and a couple at that). I'll have to work on my patronus instead of statistics or geometry. My favourite things I like on your list are Listening to a song you used to love but haven't listened to in ages, Having dnms, Long, hot showers, People who hate Biebz as much as I do,Waking up and realising you don't have school, The smell of a new book and Not having to wear a tie to school (too bad it's winter uniform time). I'm actually glad you wrote this list because I didn't realise/forgot that stuff like this can make me really happy! It's nice to appreciate the little things along with the big things.

  2. Haha we are a lot of like! I love smelling new books, people think I'm weird for that! & same here, I love when I understand something in math class, and I'm in the top class as well!Haha I want a pen pal too!xx,~Abby~

  3. Oh & forgot to say-Jonas Brothers are coming to my state, so I'll be seeing them. I'm really excited!This'll be my first concert of theirs, while the friend I'm going with-this'll be her 4th.xx,~Abby~

  4. I am sooooo devo about the Jonas tour dates. Seriously we have been waiting 2 years for them to announce when they're coming here grrrr. We'll have to wait till 2012 for JB to come here now I reckon, sure hope the world doesn't end before they get here! heheheOh yeah and getting actual letters in the mail is the best!I like maths, I miss it, don't do it much at uni 😦 No matter how much it seems like it isn't right now, maths is actually a necessary life skill :)-L

  5. hmm. i agree with preetty much all of these,especially the smell of new books one, and hearing a song you used to love but haven't heard in ages (Dr Jones by Aqua is my new found love. i think it also comes under songs with catchy choruses) i love quoting movies but i drive everyone I know absolutely crazy. i can't memorise any sort of maths formula but when i was younger, i knew every word to the first harry potter movie, and when i was 14, all the words to all the songs of hairspray.xxbella

  6. I love relating things back to obsessions! For about 2 years my default relating back to obsession has been Disneyland. I wanna go there sooo bad!I also love walking into books stores and smelling that lovely new book smell :DOh and I can't belive JB aren't coming to Aus! I was so sure they would this tour. And imagine if it was with Demi! That would've been awesome!One of the things I like is laughing at youtube videos so hard I think I might wet myself haha. Here is an example… gets funnier everytime you watch it 😛

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