Question Time

In two of my subjects at school at the moment issues of the death penalty have been raised. In English, because we’re reading To Kill A Mockingbird, and it plays a major role, and in Commerce, because we’re doing Legal Studies and doing a case file on Robert Ryan, the last man hanged in Australia.
It’s raised some interesting discussions, with people on both sides of the topic, so I thought I’d pose you the following question to answer over the weekend:
What’s your opinion of the death penalty? Love it? Hate it? Think we should bring it back? Why?
I’m off to visit The BFF Eternally for the long weekend, so when I come back I’ll read all your responses and share my opinions 🙂
Go wild. I can’t wait to read what you all have to say.

frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “Question Time

  1. Hate it.It makes no sense to me that many states (in the USA) have the death penalty, but we eschew other punishments as cruel or unusual. I'm not saying whipping, beating, chopping-off-hands, pulling out tongues (etc…) are not barbaric – 'cause of course they are (even in Texas…) but then killing someone isn't exactly the highest manifestation of civilization either. If we're not willing to use red-hot tongs to pull out someone's eyeballs in the public square, we shouldn't be willing to kill someone. Just my opinion.

  2. I think the death penalty can only be justified if the person killed multiple people and did it with a clear mind (not crazy or something- although don't you have to be slightly crazy to kill many peeople? I don't know that's what Criminal Minds says anyway :P)But yeah if the person did it out of hatred/prejudice and they show no remorse about it, it seems scary to let them contine to be a part of society. Jail may even be too good for them and the tax payers have to pay to keep them fed and with a roof over their head. Doesn't seem fair.-LP.S some of what I said is not based o something that might be fact,don't judge if I made a mistake with how things work or something, just tell me 🙂

  3. It's terrible. Awful. Humans shouldn't have the right to play god and take the lives of others away. It's sick. Why is the death penalty ok if killing people in general isn't? It doesn't make sense and it makes me feel ill.Cat xx

  4. i disagree with the death penalty. doing a terrible thing does not mean another person should therfore decide whether you live or die. Another reason i disagree with the death penalty is that when someone is killed by the authorities, the immediately become a martyr. I recently read a post saying 'RIP Carl Williams, a true aus hero'. I sat there going- 'what?' I understand that there may be people grieving over the death of Carl Williams, but what makes him a hero? the fact that he was arrested by police, and killed in jail. He was responsible for the deaths of many people, and was heavily involved in the distribution of drugs. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but I do not find him a hero.This is what the death penalty does. It romanticizes peoples crimes, by making it seem that they died for a cause.bella xx

  5. Wow, tough topic. I don't have a definite opinion on it but I agree with things L said. It can be justified when someone intentionally kills many people, because they just shouldn't be allowed in the community and if they have no remorse then there's nothing stopping them doing it again to innocent people. But when mental issues come into it it does get a bit confusing (Criminal Minds- great show lol). And again with the tax payers having to pay to keep these disgusting people alive, it doesn't seem very fair.With things like lethal injection I think its hard because then someone has to be a murderer to kill the murderer so there's all sorts of moral issues there.Bella had a great point about the romanticizing of the murders deeds- I'd never thought of that but it's so true.I think it should only be allowed if there is NO doubt it was them and they have no remorse and they actually murdered somebody.

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