Biebz is to the Jonas Brothers as Twilight is to Harry Potter

I have decided that Justin Bieber is to the Jonas Brothers as Twilight is to Harry Potter. As in, the latters are obviously far more superior, but the formers seem to get all the attention and popularity. Sure, Harry Potter is like the best selling series in forever, but unlike twilight there aren’t magazine supplements devoted to it, and the stars are rarely featured anywhere. It has a massive fandom, but it’s not as socially awesome to like it. And the Jonas Brothers frequently sell out tours, but you’re classed as a loser to like them, and the media never really took to them as much as they have to Justin.
Another thing Twilight and Justin have in common is crazy fans. Like absolutely stark-raving crazy fans. Fans who cut their necks hoping Rpatz will suck their blood. Fans who devote their life to keeping Justin on the Trending Topics and begging him to follow them (even though because he follows so many people the chances of him actually seeing something you write and caring is so rare it’s almost impossible).
Sure, Twilight is entertaining enough that I loved it for a while, and I do have some Biebz in my iTunes, but they’re not going to be around for the long run. Twilight’s popularity is already fading, and Biebz’s is releasing albums so quickly it’s obvious even he knows he won’t be around forever. He burst from obscurity not even a year ago, and by this time next year, he’ll be gone. The Jonas Brothers have had five years in the spotlight, and with a hit tv show, solo projects, movies and an up-coming tour, they’ve proven they’re here for the long run. Twilight only really became popular two years ago. It’s coming up twelve for Harry. See the connections?
Sure, call me a hater, which I probably am, but you can’t deny facts. What Twi-Hards and Beliebers are, are ‘teenies’. They like something while it’s cool, and the second something better comes along they move on. Much like a child with a shiny object. The Jonas Brothers did have teenies, but they have moved on to Biebz, the ‘next big thing’, and JB are left with real fans. Millions of them. Twi-Hards are already disappearing, but Harry fans never will. Even though it’s not necessarily ‘cool’ to like it, it’s still a large majority of people’s favourite series. Ever.
I think the biggest mistake Twilight and Justin have made is releasing everything so quickly .Rush. Rush. Rush. The Jonas Brothers have consistantly released an album every year or so, building up anticipation. Justin didn’t even wait six months for his second one. The entire Twilight series was released in around two years. Harry took nearly ten.It made the fans last, because they had to keep waiting to see what would happen next. Had to stay a fan if they wanted to know what happens in the end. Simply, to keep the fans, it’s what works.
Justin may be ‘the next big thing’, but how often is that term thrown around these days?! He’s a marketing creation designed to satisfy the needs of the fickle teenage consumers. They were asking for the perfect ‘cool’ star. Young, hot, talented and definitely not disney. They were given Justin. Once they grow bored, they’ll move on. Leave him back to his youtube vids.
So to recap:
In the long run:
Jonas Brothers > Justin Bieber. Harry Potter > Twilight.
Simple, no?

frangipani princess xoxo
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6 thoughts on “Biebz is to the Jonas Brothers as Twilight is to Harry Potter

  1. There's only one word to say here, which is Amen.I heard Bieber on the radio after work on sunday, and I seriously thought it was a girl singing until the lyrics were all like "baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby" and then I realised it could've only been justine.

  2. I completely agree!Harry Potter rocks.I read Twilight, and they are great books. It is such a shame that it all had to come down to this for Twilight. All of the crazy fans just made it, so, …unlikable. I am not one of the crazy fans. I don't even think the movies are that great. Jo Bros rock forever!xx,~Abby~

  3. It annoys me both are glamorized.Justin Bieber is an arrogant + precocious jerk.Edward Cullen is a controlling and stalkerish man. I know the Bella girl was clumsy, but changing her uni courses and throwing your money around to get people to do your bidding is not cool.I hate Twilight and Bieber so much!

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