How I’m Turning A Speech About Politics Into One About Comedians

At the moment, I’m trying to write a speech for the Rostrum Voice of the Youth Public Speaking Competition. As you may remember from here, I hate politics with a passion, so when I received the list of the five topics I had to pick to write an eight  minute speech on for the competition and they all had something to do with politics, I could have died. I was considering which topic I would begrudginly write, when a comedy festival came on tv. All of a sudden it hit me; one of the topics is ‘The Art Of Spin’, and that’s exactly what comedians do. They spin otherwise ordinary stories (Josh Thomas is pretty awesome at doing this) and make them some of the funniest things you have ever heard. So I would talk about them.
Today I was ‘writing’ my speech. I say writing in inverted commas because I was really sitting here watching Skins with a word document titled ‘The Art Of Spin’ open at the same time. The episode I was watching finished, and I decided I should probably actually do some work. Seeing as I was already in youtube, I decided to watch some comedy clips which are just as distracting, but technically still beneficial for my objective.
After a while I remembered how funny Sammy J was on the comedy gala the other week,  and started watching his clips. To say I’m now obsessed is an understatement. I love comedy in general, but sometimes I find comedians way too vulgar to really laugh at. Like I’ll laugh because well, they’re graphically talking about sex, but I soon forget about them. What I love about Sammy J is that his routines are made up of absolutely hilarious, and generally clean-ish, songs. My favourites at the moment, which are now on repeat on iTunes, are Rickets Lane, Backwards, Duets, Singalong and Phones. So darn funny.
Here’s a clip of him performing Backwards. It’s so clever.

So totally awesome.
My other current favourite comedians are Adam Hills, Wil Anderson, Josh Earl, and, as always, Josh Thomas.
Who makes you seriously rofl?
And now to actually start my speech 😐

frangipani princess xoxo
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3 thoughts on “How I’m Turning A Speech About Politics Into One About Comedians

  1. When he was saying that last monologue bit I was thinking he can't say that backwards that would be too impossible, he just can't… and then BAM there it goes. I was amazed 😀 oh and props to him for mentioning the pallendrome Hannah, it is a pretty awesome name 😀

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