Last Song Review

When I read ‘The Last Song’ I cried and cried and cried. When I went and saw the movie, however, the only kind of tears that left my eyes were from laughter. Now feel free to disagree with me, but The Last Song is one of the worst movies I have seen in a very long time. From Miley’s terrible acting, to Liam’s fake American accent, to the overall corniness of the entire thing…It honestly should have been a comedy. The only half decent scenes were those where Miley’s scowling or pouty (she only seemed to have two facial expressions in the entire movie) face could not be seen. The scenes where her character Ronnie played the piano, some of the most emotion-evoking in the novel, were lost in the hilariousness of the ‘double’ playing the piano’s fat hands that so obviously did not belong to Miley. Jonah was the best character in the film simply because he could show more than one kind of emotion. And even I admit the scene where he was driving away in the car was slightly heart breaking.
As typical in a film adaption, all the good bits from the novel were cut, and the entire thing was condensed, making it seem like everything happened in a very jumbled and confusing period of which the length could not be determined. I hate how the concept of time is lost in a movie, it just makes everything that bit harder to like/enjoy/take seriously.
Also, on a side note, the number of under tens watching the film was frightening. Do parents not realise that it was, in fact, not Hannah Montana, and a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks’ novel? These novels are known for being not entirely suitable for children, to say the least. *shakes head*. There is no way your eight year old understood even half the themes in the film, your $11 would have been much better spent on a ticket to Nanny McPhee or How To Train Your Dragon, showing in surrounding theatres.
Maybe I was slightly hyped on the impact of frozen coke on an empty stomach, but I did not stop laughing at all throughout the movie. Yes, for those of you who have seen it, even in that scene. I really can’t believe Miley wants to give up singing (which she can actually do), to persue actuing (which she so obviously can’t do).
Am I the only one who really hated it?

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. I really want to see Letter’s To Juliet.

8 thoughts on “Last Song Review

  1. I want to see it too (Letters to Juliet)As i said i thoroughly enjoyed it and cried bucketload. Then again i haven't read the book, which probably makes a world of difference as i had no expectations going into it. And Jonah was the best :)xxSelina

  2. I haven't seen it yet but when i do i will keep your review in mind. I actually might read the book first like you:) I can't say i fancy Miley's attempts at acting either. Stick to Hannah Montana i say.

  3. I thought it was terrible. But on the whole book thing – did you know Nicholas Sparks wrote the script specifically for Miley, and then wrote the book after that? What was he thinking?!

  4. omg, someone who agrees! worst movie i've ever seen! i read the book and absolutley loved it, then went to see the movie and felt like screaming abuse at my friends for saying it was good! it was terrible! never ever again will i make the mistake of watching a movie that miley cyrus is in. i have to agree, even though i think liam hemsworth is insanely attractive (in the movie) his accent was horrendous. Can you believe they left out the part where blaze lights on fire and you know, near the very end where ronnie plays for her dad? terrible, terrible movie!

  5. I haven't seen or read The Last Song, but I definitely think Miley is an idiot for wanting to stop singing. I don't really enjoy her acting. :\Much love,Caitlin.

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