Girl Crush Of The Moment

When I was younger, Zoey 101 was my favourite show. I would watch it whenever it was on tv (even though it was *gasp* on Nickelodeon) and my favourite character was Lola. Lola was played by Victoria Justice, and was just awesome in every way.
Fast forward who knows how many years, and Victoria is one of the coolest teen stars out. While she isn’t as popular as other stars her age such as Miley, Demi and Selena, (Demi has 1,654,638 followers on twitter and Selena has 1,733,422, while Victoria only has 73,152. Ha. Only.) she’s insanely down to earth and just like a regular teenager. One look at her tweets and you can see fame hasn’t gone to her head. Along with just turning seventeen, her new show, Victorious, has just started airing and every week she tweets excitedly that she can’t believe she has her own show and that it’s getting the support it is. She takes time out to talk to fans on twitter, but unlike when fetus Justin Bieber does it, it feels real and like they’re her friends.
Pretty much, she’s epic in every way.


And isn’t she just like, insanely gorgeous as well?
Of course, like all good teen stars, she sings as well, and her song ‘Make It Shine’ (also the Victorious theme) has just been released on iTunes. Jealous yet?
I can’t wait until Victorious airs here, from what I’ve read, it has the makings of being the next iCarly (which is like, my favourite Nickelodeon show of the moment and Miranda Cosgrove is also just insanely awesome).

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “Girl Crush Of The Moment

  1. I love her and iCarly is soo funny! I used to love watching Zoey 101 and I still watch re-runs whenever they're on :D.Nickelodeon and Disney used to have the best shows but I never seem to watch Nick anymore. :(Have a good day!xx

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