Wrock and Roll

Along with my intense obession with AVPM … hold on, I’ll get back to that, let’s look at some pretty pictures first:

 Anyway, as I was saying, along with my intense AVPM obsession, I’ve also recently fallen in love with ‘Wizard Rock’ or ‘Wrock’ as it is more commonly called. Some of it is so bad you can’t even begin to imagine it, but others are so totally awesome I can’t stop listening to them. Some of my favourites, along with my favourite lines, are:
End Of An Era – Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls I will miss the train ride in and the pranks pulled by the twins. And though it’s no where I have been, I’ll keep on smiling from the times I had with them.
Ginny Gets Around – Gred and Forge From Gryffindor to Ravenclaw, that Ginny gets around, oh Ginny gets around. From Hufflepuff to Slytherin, that Ginny gets around, she’s the easiest girl in school.
In Which Draco And Harry Secretly Want To Make Out – The Whomping Willows It’s Draco and Harry sitting in a tree S-N-O-G-G-I-N-G, it’s Draco and Harry sitting in a tree F-A-L-L-I-N-G in love.
My Dad Is Rich – Draco and the Malfoy’s My dad’s always there to open all my doors, you have to call a patronus just to catch a glimpse of yours. My mum says she loves me as she tucks me into bed, how’s your mummy doing in the mirror of erised?
Tom Felton’s Kinda Hot – Draco and the Malfoy’s Even though I’m straight, I’m not ashamed to say, Tom Felton’s kinda hot
Pansy Looks Just Like A Dude – Neville’s Diary At least I don’t look like Pansy Parkinson, I don’t mean to be rude. At least I don’t look like Pansy Parkinson, that chick looks like a dude.
The Joke’s On Justin – Gred and Forge Cos we’re brave and strong and we know our stuff, we’re not like weak little Hufflepuff’s. They may be loyal but they sure are dumb, they just sit around and suck their thumbs.
‘The End of an Era’ is probably the most mainstream of all the songs, and you have to listen hard to get that it’s actually Wrock. Surprisingly ‘In Which Draco and Harry Secretly Want To Make Out’ is actually a really enjoyable song, and is probably the second most mainstream. Maybe I only love it so much because I’m a major Draco/Harry fanfic lover, but whatever. Give it listen, it’s not as weird as it sounds. Gred and Forge have hilarious songs, and Draco and The Malfoy’s music is written so it’s like Draco is singing. Pretty much, they’re all epic.
The only advice I will give you when it comes to wrock, is to stay away from female groups/singers. They generally suck.
Have you guys ever listened to any Wrock? What’s your favourite?
frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “Wrock and Roll

  1. I don't know them all but 'In Which Draco and Harry Secretly Want To Make Out' is like my favourite wrock song. I also love Ginny Gets Around and My Dad is Rich.:)xx

  2. I haven't yet found any decent wrock (lots of wrock bands put a lot of effort into it, bless them, but they just really aren't that good) so I'll have to check out some on your list. Also I LOVE avpm, it's fantastic!Just found your blog and it's awesome, great work!Nat xx

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