Easter Break feat. Simon

Last weekend some of my friends from where I used to live came over for my birthday. Miffie/Quackie just couldn’t wait to give me my birthday present, and she was almost crying with laughter while I unwrapped it. After hysterically explaining the humour behind giving me a first birthday card, I then unwrapped the main gift, and found this:

I was pretty much at a loss for words, I mean, who knew you could buy avocado ornaments? Quack cracked up again and told how she was hysterically laughing when purchasing it because it was just that funny. Soon we were all laughing, and named him Simon, and thus he became our official mascot.
I decided Simon deserved to see more of the world than my bedroom and living room, so he will be accompanying me on my week long coastal holiday. We shall be departing some time today, heading to Wagga to see my mum’s family, then up the Central Coast on Sunday to spend Easter with my dad’s family, then back to Sydney on Monday for the show, then up the Mid-North Coast on Tuesday so mum and dad can attend a twenty-year exchange reunion, and I can see some friends I haven’t seen in way too long. I believe the plan is to be back here next Saturday.
I hope you all have an amazing Easter and enjoy your holidays, and don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it. I may even be able to post while staying at my friend’s house, but I’m not really sure.
See you soon!

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “Easter Break feat. Simon

  1. hey maly :)i was playing around with banners on polyvore.com, then just saving them as images and uploading them through the header uploader in the layout section, but this header was actually made for me by a very lovely reader, simmone. you can find her blog at http://www.monipops.blogspot.com :)but yeah, just play around on things like polyvore, and i'm sure you'll make an epic one. fp xx

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