Dear John Review

About a month ago, I decided I needed some new books, so I went down to the local bookstore and bought ‘The Last Song’ and ‘Dear John’. I’ll save what I thought of ‘The Last Song’ for another post, but Dear John, well, it was quite terrible. I found the plot line to be basically non-existant, and the few ‘twists’ it did have were totally predictable. The entire concept of the story was pretty pointless, and I’m surprised I lasted through the entire thing. Seriously, if it hadn’t been for me hearing ‘amazing’ things about it, I doubt I would have lasted much past chapter three. It was nowhere near Nicholas Sparks’ best work.
The other weekend when I was in Melbourne, I decided that no matter how much I hated the book, I’d still give the movie a go. The movie was…better. It was one of those rare books where it actually better suits the big screen, instead of vice versa. The cast was pretty good, ChanningTatum and Amanda Seyfried were quite well matched to their characters of John and Savannah, but the overall storyline was still lacking. I didn’t like some of the changes they made from the book to fit it into a movie, but really, when do I ever?
Like My Sister’s Keeper, they changed the ending of the movie to pretty much the opposite of the book so audience members would get what they wanted. I heard this before I went, and I was happy, thinking I would prefer the movie ending, but now I’m still not sure. While the movie ending is totally happy-families predictable, the ending of the book is kind of psycho-depressing.
I went to the movie with two friends who hadn’t read the book, and they loved it. They cried and cried, and when we left the theatre they couldn’t stop talking about it, so maybe I’m just being a super cold hearted critic. Honestly, I wouldn’t reccommend either, but everyone will probably disagree, so comment telling me what you thought 🙂

frangipani princess xoxo

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