Ten Hours In A Bus Is Not As Fun As It Sounds

Today I went to Canberra with my French class to see the French Masterpieces exhibit. We ended up doing more ‘hottie spotting’ than art viewing, but it was still a pretty awesome day.

Some of my favourite quotable quotes:
“You can tell he was a nutter. Just look at his use of blue in the eyebrows!” Lisa, on Van Gogh’s self portrait
“Ahhh they smell so good! I have to keep walking or I might die” Hollie, on some particularly cute boys
“But celebrities were around long before, like, warthogs, though” A random passerby, on who knows what
“Who knows who Gough Whitlam is?” “He’s like, the dude that painted Starry Night, right?” A senior in my group, mistaking a famous politician for a famous painter.

Speaking of Gough, his reference wasn’t totally random. He was actually in the exhibition at the same time we were. Quite interesting to see him as a frail old man, and then reflect on his famous “God save the queen because no-one will ever save the Governor General” quote, and see how much things have changed.

Overall, the exhibition was pretty amazing. That is, if you can cope with 1.5-3+ hr queues, and extremely cramped viewing spaces. Some of the paintings in there everyone should see at least once in a life time (I’m so lucky, I actually saw the exhibition at it’s home in Paris, and have been to Monet’s house and seen the famous bridges/water lilly pond), and even though when I saw the Monet’s all I could think was “See U In The Dark”, it was still awesome. Some of the paintings weren’t exactly my cup of tea, but looking at others, all I could think was “WOW”. To just think about their talent… mind blowing. And I don’t even like art!

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. So excited! Frangipani Princess’s interview with Gemma Crisp is point nine on gwas’s playlist this week! You can view the post, and the lovely things she has to say, here.

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