For Your Friday Night Amusement

For a reason unknown even to me, I randomly got “Strawberry Kisses” stuck in my head today. Don’t pretend you don’t still know all the words, it was such a hit back in the day. I decided to youtube it, just to see what the film clip looked like, and well, see for yourself:

Seriously, what is she wearing? The lovely pink lycra just shows off how underdeveloped she is. And what’s with the robot thing? This clip just brings up so many questions.
I really don’t remember her being so…little. I guess because I was littler at the time, she seemed so big and awesome. Now, however, she’s just a washed up child star who has to pose for men’s magazines to get any attention. *sigh*. That’s what you get for singing about kisses at thirteen.
Oh, and something I never got, why does she say “YOUR strawberry kisses”? Surely he wasn’t wearing strawberry lipgloss as well…

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. for those readers not from Australia, Nikki Webster sang at the opening of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, and then had a short lived career as a child pop star. This song was her most famous.

3 thoughts on “For Your Friday Night Amusement

  1. So many memories… it wasn't too bad at the time (I did buy the single.. haha). And yes, I still know all the words!.. I did always wonder about that robot and what on earth she was wearing, although I guess she is in space isn't she..It is quite catchy though.. haha!

  2. HAHA that was hilarious to watch.I remember I won her single at a radio karaoke party… LOL :)Did you know Nikki's first acting job was on a Jenny Craig commercial……haha xoxoxo

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