Ignorant Generation

At the moment in my english class we’re doing a unit on prejudice. Today we began the lesson by discussing whether certain statements were racist or not. Soon it turned into a full blown, well, almost argument, on what racism is. I was utterly astounded at just how ignorant most of my class mates were when it came to other countries. I’m in one of the advanced year ten english classes, and some girls were (seriously) referring to Asia not only as a country, but as a language as well. Ironically, one of their friends (and a girl who was doing a lot of it) parents grew up in Iran. They also didn’t know what the Ku Klux Klan were, but I won’t hold that agaisnt them. 
We eventually moved on to talking about Aboriginals, and most of the class just couldn’t grasp the concept of how hard life is for (a lot of) them. There were outrageous statements being thrown around like:
“They need to actually make an effort and get a job.”
“They don’t deserve their own health care.”
“It’s their fault, not ours that they’re like this. Why should we have to deal with it?!”
“They get to go to my friends private school for free. I should get to go for free, I’d actually turn up!”
“If I see a white kid hanging with an Aboriginal, I automatically assume they’re derro. I mean, they wouldn’t hang with them if they weren’t!”
And so on.
As one of my friends put it, “they’re poor little upper-middle class girls who think the world revolves around themselves and that the problems they’re dealing with are the only ones that matter”.
This lesson opened up my eyes, and I realised just how ignorant teens of today are. They’re not racist, as such, as they don’t hate/abuse other races, they just aren’t aware of anything to do with them. I think it’s so sad. Especially as we live in Australia, one of the most multi-cultural nations in the world. We need to get past our silly stereotyping and generalizations and learn about the nations our fellow citizens have previously called home. We need to start looking at them as equals, not, as one girl in my class so nicely put it, ‘damn chingers’. And in regards to the Aboriginals, well, we obviously need to up our support and education on their issues. They were the original Australians. We need to get past the bad labels a few of them have seemed to give the entire population, and truly learn from them. Instead of looking at them like they’re good-for-nothing drunks, we need to accept their culture, and give them the place in theirs that they truly deserve.

frangipani princess xoxo

11 thoughts on “Ignorant Generation

  1. I'm actually part Pacific Islander- and i don't look it. And i get the ignorance thing A LOT. People get really pissed over the fact that they get special scholarships to improve literacy. People make racial comments all the time in front of me- not realising that i am PI. It's sad that in a multicultural society, there is still so much hate :(Share the lovexxselina

  2. I think you should give your classmates the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure they are just regurgitating the hatred their parents spew forth or following the crowd. From what I gather from your blog, you are from a small town, so perhaps they haven't seen enough of the world to draw their own opinions. Don't forget you and your classmates are still quite young. If they didn't know how odious and ignorant their views are, perhaps they do now and hopefully that will spur them on to further educate themselves. It is also quite distressing that your teacher let this vitrol go on. Did s/he say something? And just as a sidenote, Aboriginal is a verb, not a noun. Aborigine(s) is the correct term for Aboriginal people.Please don't take this comment as a diss. Think of it as a rebuttal, like in a debate 🙂

  3. Cat, thanks for correcting me 🙂 i almost put aborigine but i wasn't sure, sorry. and my teacher then yelled at the class the next lesson saying how disgusted she was and now we have to write an investigative article on their lives. and i didn't think it was a diss, i value your opinion :)fp xx

  4. i think this is very bias. you have changed the words of the people in the class. you have sergrated that iranian student and i don't think this blog is apporiate. it just shows your ignorance for the students. i remember them starting their sentenses with "i dont understand why…" and you make them feel idiotic by saying how they said things they didn't. next time in a class like this, i'll speak up for what i beleive in and not just sit there. this is an issue that needs to be learnt about and these students were trying to learn. some were not being narrow minded, they were asking why? why do they have it different? not, anything else. take that into account. i'm glad to be doing that other assesment task in class. it's no punishment, its all about learning.

  5. hey anonymous :)i'm going to assume you're someone in my english class. I'm sorry you feel this way about my post, but well, this is my blog, and I'm just reflecting how I saw the lesson. I'm just using the discussion as an example to talk about the bigger issue. and I'm sorry if you feel I have misquoted, but as I wrote this the day of the class, and it's now like two weeks later, maybe you're the one who has forgotten, because I made sure to directly quote.thank you for visiting my blog,anyway.fp xx

  6. im not trying to sound rude, but perhaps you are the one who misheard, you overheard a conversation and seemed to have put it into your own words. im sure the person or peoples who had said it would know what was said or not. just think about it. not eveything you say is correct. otherwise there would be no point in bringing up their point.just my say.

  7. urgh. i hate people being anonymous 'cos i can never tell if they're the same anonymous or lots of different anonymous's. anyway.i didn't overhear the conversation, i was part of it. i know not everything i say is correct, but i know for a fact what i have written hear is. if you have a problem with this post, and you go to my school, please tell me in person, otherwise lets just forget about whether these were the actual words they said or not.kay?thanks.fp xx

  8. "they're poor little upper-middle class girls who think the world revolves around themselves and that the problems they're dealing with are the only ones that matter".you put this as a quote from one of your friends. you only put in that quote because you agree with what your "friend" has said. How do you know these girls and their personal lives, you are in the wrong, there is no need to stereotype these girls this way. You have no idea, if they are "poor" or up themselves. we talked about being stereotypical and you disagreed with most of the comments in the class. Now your the one being stereotypical.

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