Harry Potter Match

So today on formspring I got asked which character from Harry Potter I am most like. I thought about it for a while. I don’t ever save the day, so I’m not Harry. Although I have epic adventures with my best friend, she doesn’t end up saving the world (wizarding or otherwise) , and I come from a small family, so I’m not really Ron. I’m smart (and muggle born), but in the face of danger I’d just scream and run, instead of thinking totally clearly like Hermione, so that rules her out. I’m not pure, if not misunderstood, evil, so there goes Malfoy. I’m not a former death eater, turned ‘good’ by the power of love, and I tend to wash my hair, so we eliminate Snape… And so it goes on.
Eventually, I got to Luna. She’s smart, kind of weird (ok, very, but whatever), always around the action (in the later books, at least), but never the centre of attention, and while she has lots of friends, she’s not quite in the core ‘popular’ group. It pretty much sums me up perfectly. While I don’t wear random vegetables as earrings, or believe in crumple-horned snorkacks, if I was a student at Hogwarts in the nineties, well, me and luna would be bffs.Maybe she could even get me work experience at the Quibbler…

Who would your Harry Potter match be?

frangipani princess xoxo

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