March Girlfriend Review

I freaking love this cover. Amanda Seyfried looks beyond gorgeous, and the colours just are perfectly autumnish.

I mainly like this because it has a pic of Johnny Depp, but crushes aside, in her ed’s letter this montth Sarah talks about how similar teens all over the world are (massive spread on this later in the issue), about Australia’s most dateable boy and about joining the Girlfriend Gets Real reader panel.

I like features. I like these features. My favourite part of the magazine comes from the popularity feature above. In it, Shona aged twelve says:

I’m in the popular group at school and we are totally misunderstood. A lot of people see us as sluts when we are not. We are very confident and people see that as being stuck up and they often don’t like our group because they want to be like us and confuse their feelings. That can be frustrating and annoying, but we just ignore those people. We are really happy with friendly and outgoing personalities. Although we hae occassional fights over the silliest things, we always make up in the end. Plus, I’m still friends with the people I knew before I was popular and have lots of new friends because my confidence has increased.I want other people to know we are not as mean and stuck up as you think we are. If you get to know us we are normal people just like you!

If she’s thinking that her group is that special and amazing at twelve, imagine what it’ll be like when she’s sixteen. Honey, of course you’re a normal person, being popular doesn’t make you famous or important. That quote is just too hilarious.
I love that article because of people like Shona who don’t realise that the ‘popular’ group is an illusion created by their peers. The feature explores popularity vs. being well liked, and we all should know by now which one is truly more important.

Sometimes, I admit, I am totally ‘blurtacious’, so I’m super glad this article gives advice on how to cut down on it. In turn, this will hopefully reduce the number of ‘foot in mouth’ moments I seem to have.
Recently, I have been through two of these four ‘major friendship tests’ (“one of you changes school or moves away” and “there’s a significant family event”)  

This page comes from a seven page spread called “World Wide Teen” which includes a panel with girls from around the world telling us about things like their school sysem, travelling and what they do in their spare time, the page shown above which teaches you how to say random compliments in different languages (somehow I don’t think I’ll be telling people they’re sweet like croissants while in France), stories from girls who come from multi-cultural backgrounds, anda feature on Australia’s refugee situation. All quite interesting reads, with cute layouts to boot.

I’m sorry, but just because this article claims that 7.21am is the perfect time to wake up, I’m so not giving up the forty extra minutes of sleep I usually get. And sorry, I can barely stomach water before ten am, let alone my big meal of the day.Hmmm according to this article, I’m really not doing my body many favours. Oh well, I more included it here for its lovely layout than its content.

In her blog this month, Sarah T tells us about how since moving to a new office block, she’s found the coffee lady has trouble remembering her because she changes her hairstyle so often. She included a weeks worth of hairstyle pics to prove this point. As someone who has mastered the very basic ponytail, and wheres it day in and day out, all I can say is I freaking envy her hair.

I normally don’t even bother reading the astrology pages, but seeing as this months feature was on pisces, and I’m a pisces, I decided to read it. Apparently, I should have experimented with a bold colour on the 4th. Whoops. Hahaha. There’s a whole ‘destiny special’ in this months issue, filled with things like palm reading, face reading and learning to trust your intuition. If you’re into that kind of thing, I’m sure it would make for a good read.

Rob’s blog is almost a let down this month. For the second time ever, he responds to reader mail, which is basically him saying “I couldn’t be bothered writing something wittily hilarious this month, so I’m giving you this much lamer alternative”. It’s still pretty cool, my favourite part is when he says “…I’ll try and get back to you within the next two years or so (unless your email is just a request for Justin Bieber posers – my dog sleeps on those)”, it’s just not the highlight it usually is.
The mag doesn’t come with any freebies this month, but it’s a great buy/read for $5.95. If you want something to read/kill time/procrastinate with, this is the mag to get.  
frangipani princess xoxo

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