One of My Biggest Dreams

I would love to be a vegetarian, it’s seriously a life dream of mine. There’s something that seems so cool about being able to say “sorry, I don’t eat meat”. Glamorous, even. I’ve tried vegetarianism on for size a few times over the years, and quite enjoyed it, but then along comes the flaw in my plan. See, the thing is, I cannot stand food aimed at vegetarians. Vegie-burgers? No thank you. Tofu? I’d rather eat my own vomit. Faux-meat? Don’t get me started. I can’t even look at vegetables such as Eggplant, Cauliflower or potato, either. 
I walk past all these items in the supermarket longingly, wanting with all my heart to take them home with me, replace all meats with them. Then my gag-reflex kicks in, and reminds me just how much of a bad idea that would be.
When I was in year seven, I discovered peta2, which is basically PETA for teens. I loved it. They had cute shirts with slogans like “happy families not happy meals (with pictures of chickens)” and “I am not a nugget (again, with pictures of cute chickens)”. Those two probably weren’t the best example, as well, I have chicken nuggets for lunch three out of five days a week, and love me a happy meal when I can, but anyway. My personal favourite, however, is this one:

And as I don’t actually eat anything that comes from a pig, I could totally wear it without being hypocritical.
You can see more merch herehere and here.  
Anyway, I’ll go and eat my tacos for dinner, and revel in their deliciousness, but all the while be slightly disappointed when I see someone buying vegetarian food and hear the kids at school talking about their vegetarianism. Keep feeling sad when I see a little calf or lamb in a paddock. Maybe as I get older my taste buds will develop into liking the food. I can only dream…

frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “One of My Biggest Dreams

  1. Yeah, I never got why they were 'spare' ribs. Everytime I htink of you going vego I think of the time with the sausage roll. And you're probably sick of me bringing it up in every vegetarianism conversation.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. i agree with the last anonymous. post. people don't become vegetarians to be 'glamorous', they become vegetarians because they believe in the right of animals. i've been reading your posts and you seem shallow and judgemental. you might want to work on that.

  3. hey anonymous,i get that it's not a fashion statement, and actually i'm a major campaigner for the rights of animals. a lot of my non-meat eating is based on taste, but i also care a lot about how animals are treated. which is also why i only use free range eggs use of the word glamorous was probably not the best in the post, i meant it more like, picking up some tofu from a health food shop is so much more chic than getting a steak at a gross butchers.and i'm sorry that you think i'm shallow and judgemental, i really don't mean to be, and actually, i don't think i'm that shallow at all. i don't base things on appearances or how cool you'll look doing something. at all. but whatevs, you're entitled to view me how you want hahahafp xx

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