Today I:

– Spent my double elective history lesson googling the Duggar’s
– Scored for a Volleyball game in PE, and while everyone thought I was laughing with them,I was secretly laughing at how into it they were all getting
– Topped my class in a speaking contest judged by my classmates
– Received the results of a maths test, and performed the worst I have ever. Fifty percent, instead of my usual Ninety-something. Whoops. Technically though, it’s a pass, and for that I am eternally grateful. I just need to study harder for the next one.
– Taught girls how to hoedown throwdown.
– Wrote a description of Nick J in French
– Spent forty minutes scrolling up and down my page in commerce because I couldn’t be bothered researching the Coroner’s Court for my assignment.
– Felt hardcore checking twitter on my phone at school, but it’s really not, as unlike my previous school, there are no rules against phones.
– Realised it was 2twenty6ten and even though we have to wait until tonight/tomorrow morning for America to catch up and explain it, I was excited.
– Shopped at Officeworks after school. I freaking love stationary shopping.
– Listened to ‘God Damn You’re Beautiful’ by Chester See on repeat. I was so excited when someone linked me to this song, finally I loved something that wasn’t Disney, take that haters! And then I was on DS, and it turns out that not only is he something to do with Radio Disney, but he’s also Mandy (as in VanDuyne, of Jonas Brothers fame) friend. I just can’t avoid it!

What did you do today?
frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Today I:

  1. Hey hey 🙂 It's Chloe from school.. The one you taught the Hoedown Throwdown to, the one who voted for you in English, the one who also performed very poorly in the maths test, the one who also did shit-all in Commerce and probably the one you were laughing at in P.E. :POh, and the one who loves stationary shopping equally as much xDLove you xxx

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