Weird Obsession 128734

I have a morbid fascination with death. Not like, what happens after you die or anything, just the process of death itself. How people die. It’s not enough for me to hear that someone died, I want to know how, why, what, happened.
We’re studying the Russian Revolution in elective history (as I mentioned the other day) and today we were doing an in-depth study of the assassinations. I found reading all the grizzly details so interesting. Like that some of the daughters were stabbed because their diamond-encrusted corsets rendered them semi-bullet proof. Or that they thought they were going to get their picture taken to, ironically, prove they were still alive, and then the evil dude was like “Oh yeah, we can’t let you live, byeee *bang bang bang*”.
And then in commerce we have to research a court and I decided to do the Coroner’s Court, and have spent two periods reading over the case transcripts on their website. Learning what happened before, during and after the incident had me strangely enthralled.
I think it’s also why I love crime and medical dramas so much. Cold Case is probably my favourite for this fascination, as it takes you through the entire story of the death, unlike Law and Order etc. which are just like “la la la randomly jogging through park la la la WOAH DEAD GIRL!” and then more based around the legal side (which is a totally different obsession of mine).
I would so become like, a Coroner or a Medical Examiner, or just a doctor if I didn’t have such an aversion to blood and well, dead bodies.

frangipani princess xoxo

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