February Girlfriend Review

So I know I’m super late in posting this review, but it’s better late than never, right? Anyway, most of you have probably read it by now, so I’ve just uploaded some scans and basic comments.

Favourite article in the magazine much? I love it because of the flamingo letter box, absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I wrote some of it.
I like the pitures in this feature, and if you remember my Toxic Friends post from a few weeks (months?) ago, you know how I feel about this issue.
My mum has been telling me about this for years (even before I got diagnosed with Scoliosis) and yet, the second I read it in a magazine I decided to finally do something about my posture/bag weight/bag position.
Favourite part of this feature? “Make like JoBro and Be Prepared (uh wait, that’s the Scouts)” It didn’t come as a surprise to me that the article was written by Rob.

I judge people way too often, and more often than not, my judgements are proven to be waaaay off. I really need to take the advice from this feature and stop doing it.
The comments about Taylor Squared made me giggle. As did the ones about Beyonce and Akon. I really want Akon to hook up with someone whose name starts with B now so we can call them Bakon. Actually, I loved all the comments in this feature, which, was also written by Rob.
Sarah’s blog is always a highlight of the mag, but the fact she called the reader’s letters to themselves ‘inspiring’ made it a definite strong point of this issue.
I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder in a feature than in this one. just too rad. My favourite was “Kid has mental issues, talks to toys. they include a dumb teddy bear, a dumb donkey, a dumb pig, and an angry rabbit. But boy are they cute!” – Rob turning Winnie-The-Pooh into a tweet, and “Girl meets boy. Girl hates boy. Girl sees boy’s massive house. Girl loves boy.” – Jenna turning Pride and Prejudice into a tweet.


I’m glad Nick’s album is reviewed, although not so keen on them saying he is the most talented brother (even though it’s partly true), and definitely not keen on the fact Justin freaking Bieber’s album is given more stars and a bigger picture. Best bit of the mag was the fact that Justin Bieber and Short Stack’s posters were on the back of one another, so I could burn them easily.
What’s not to love about Rob’s blog? He talks about NYC Prep, and wishes he was getting paid for it ‘cos he wants a kitten
And yes, mr advertisement, all my favourite shows ARE on disney channel 🙂

So you should all go and buy this amazing issue before it stops being sold (probably soon, I’m so slow at getting reviews done lately) even if it is just for my feature 😛
Sorry about the abysmal review guys, they’ll be better next month, promise.

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “February Girlfriend Review

  1. Haha I agree i love reading what Rob has to say. :)Justin Bieber isn't that bad is he? Actually don't answer that,I know what your answer will be :)I'm pretty obsessed with him at the moment, I need serious help ;)xx

  2. haha, NYC prep is hilarious!I need to see more eps of it actually,I've only seen one!I thought it was hilarious when PC said in the episode "The only difference between being best friends and a couple is the sex".No PC, just no.

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