Clearing Some Things Up

I love blogging, but there are some aspects I really don’t enjoy. Mainly, the fact that you can’t ever understand exactly what I mean by my words. Take for instance my post from the other day, entitled I’m Just Me. After receiving some comments on it this afternoon, I realised that to someone well, who’s not me, it seems like I was calling everyone who has every had a sip of alcohol or had sex a derro skank. You have to believe me when I say I wasn’t.
What I was referring to in my post was a personal experience, one that occurs almost daily, where people ridiculed me for liking Disney. Those ‘apologies’ were not to teenagers in general, but to specific people who, although you may not believe me, do really assume everyone should be having sex by sixteen and drinking hard regularly.
To the anonymous commentor who told me I was “COMPLETELY out of line when I said that people who have sex and drink alcohol have ‘no morals’ “, if you read the post again, I never said that. I ‘apologised’ for having morals, but never said, nor will I ever say, that people who do those things have no morals. I too have close friends who do those kind things, and I know how kind and nice they are. I understand that in a loving relationship, sex is ok. What I’m talking about is random, drunken sex at parties, or sex just because ‘everyone else is doing it’.
To the other anonymous commentor, I agree, I do put a lot of expectations on myself, but this is MY BLOG, my place for me to share those expectations with the world. Whether or not you choose to read it is exactly that, your choice. And when you say “So next time you go and rant about the teenagers of today being out-of-control and without morals, think again.” I didn’t realise my post was that much of a terrible rant, and as I mentioned, I never meant for it to seem like I was talking about every single teenager in the entire world. Just some I know in real life.
I know it’s my decision to not drink. To not have sex. To like Disney. I know that the majority of people out there do not share this opinion, but I feel as much as they have a right to express theirs, I have a right to express mine.
I am truly sorry if you interpreted the post in the wrong way, hopefully this explanation will make things a bit clearer.

frangipani princess xoxo

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