I Need A Life

My name is Frangipani Princess, and I’m a become-a-fan-a-holic.

I’m a fan of 311 things. That’s just not normal. And I belong to 217 groups. I haven’t even joined any groups for ages!
Blame the new facebook, I say, when it appears so easily in your news feed, you just have to click ‘become fan’. And don’t get me started on the peer pressure of ‘___ and ten other friends are fans’. How can I say no after that?!

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “I Need A Life

  1. i don't even want to check to see how many i'm a fan of …but, since you've been so industrious, i guess i SHOULD find out …okay, so i must have seriously gotten scared off by a previous incarnation of FB which told me that i'd joined too many groups and become a fan of too many things … 74 groups and a fan of 147 pages …*bounce*

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