Tsweezy Concert

Sorry if this is un-intentionally negative in some parts. I didn’t mean for it  to be. It was one of the best nights EVER and I loved every moment of it. I was just running on five hours sleep when I wrote this. Sorry.
Last night I went to Tsweezy with toong, mal and charlii. We listened to platinum edition for pretty much the entire three hour car trip and by the time we got to Rod Laver we were beyond pumped. Because we had seated tickets we didn’t have to queue up for hours, which was good, so we got there at about a quarter to seven. Our seats were pretty amazing. We were front row on the right hand side and we could see everything so well. The only downside to them was one seat up from toong was this creepy old man who was at least sixty, wearing a taylor tour shirt, singing along to fifteen and had binoculars when there was no-one on stage. Quite odd.
Gloriana were on first, and I didn’t really know their stuff but they were still pretty cool.  Charlii loved them so when they announced they were doing a signing we all had to go around. The line was too long, but they touched her arm /rolls eyes.
Taylor came on at eight thirty and was just pure amazingness. My favourite songs she performed were You Belong With Me, Fearless, Fifteen and Today Was  Fairytale. It annoyed me that she performed the pop version of Love Story (although her costume change in that was pretty awesome) and in Picture To Burn she sang the ‘clean’ line instead of “that’s fine I’ll tell mine you’re gay” which is like one of my all time favourite song lines. It also annoyed me that she spent so much time hugging the audience in one little section of the arena (jealous? me? no way) and that she did the annoying thing that JB did in JB3D where they just stop and listen to the screaming. I didn’t pay for that, just sing already. Her ending was a bit of an anticlimax, like her last song was You Should Have Said No, and it had this cool waterfall ending thing, but then the curtain just dropped and that was that. No big cheering encores or anything. I kind of expected more.
I didn’t buy any merch, mainly because the lines were too long, but also because I’m never going to wear a forty dollar tour shirt, no matter how much I think I will at the time of purchase. I took millions of photos (so many so my fully charged camera battery died just before the end of the concert) and one video of fifteen. You can hear toong and I singing really loudly (and off key) in it though, and at the line ‘and abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind’ you can hear us laughing loudly, so I don’t think I’ll be showing it to many people. Her band was pretty epic, Amos was definitely my favourite, and Caitlin is definitely my least favourite. Her pants last night… just shudder.
Ooh! The security guard standing next to us was number twenty seven, and then my mum rang me and the convo lasted twenty seven seconds. What crazy random happenstances at a Taylor concert. After Forever and Always toong yelled out ‘JAYLOR’ or ‘I love JAYLOR’ or something. That’s why I love her.
It was such an amazing first concert experience, although I have to agree that Taylor isn’t exactly the best live singer ever. It was still beyond epic though, and I’m thankful that I was able to see her (thanks for driving us mum!) and can only hope it will be the first of many, many concert experiences to come. The Jonas Brothers better be next, and soon #justsaying.
We didn’t get home until five o’clock this morning, and I got woken after five hours sleep because a flooring man had to measure my room so I am literally falling asleep as I type this. And I already miss toong so much again 😦 We had so much fun last night, we are just the coolest kids out. I miss the other girls as well, of course, it was so good to see them again 🙂
Have you been to a tsweezy concert (either last night or at all)? What did you think of it?

frangipani princess xoxo

6 thoughts on “Tsweezy Concert

  1. I WENT :DI was second row, on the right hand side in standing. It was beyond amazing. The stage effects and the dancers and just everything was so incredible.And I got a bunch of confetti from Today Was A Fairytale :DAnd I nearly got the guitarist from Gloriana's pick, but then I dropped it and it got lost :(But still, so incredible.

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