Debating And Politics Are Not A Good Mix

As I’ve mentioned, I love, and am quite good at, debating. That is, debating that doesn’t involve the P word… *shudder* Politics. It’s not that I haven’t tried to understand it, I swear I have, it’s just that after a while it sounds like “blah blah blah liberal, blah bah labor, blah blah blah right wing, blah blah left wing” and so on. Aside from Quackie, no teen girl I know actually cares enough about politics to be able to ague for eight minutes on it. Like, I can talk about aspects like reintroducing the death penalty or legalising marijuana, I’ve got the law side down pat, but when you give me a topic about foreign policies, or becoming a republic or changing our flag and I’m lost. Who could forget the infamous flag debate I took part in? I was fine until the opposition asked me how I was going to encompass the multiculturalism our team had argued so strongly about and I blanked and said with a circle of love. Or the time I didnt know what the political spectrum was. Or the time I argued about tourists needing tropical beaches to holiday on during a debate that was about, wait for it, the Australian government’s response to the rogue government of Fiji. Yeah. There have been some awesome political debate screw ups when I’ve been involved. It’s not like I’m going to donkey vote or anything when I’m older (yeah, didn’t know what that mean either until a particularly rude adjudicator pointed it out to our team), it’s just that at fifteen I prefer to fill my mind with pop culture rather than points about Tony Abbott’s opposition leadership skills.
Once I got a topic that encompassed both celebrities and politics (“that celebrities should stay out of politics”, coincidentally against the school which I now call my own) and it was the only time I have come close to winning a political debate (ok, I lie, I did win the flag one mentioned above). We lost, but only because the elderly adjudicator didn’t know who Speidi was. Smart woman.

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “Debating And Politics Are Not A Good Mix

  1. I was actually watching Question time yesterday, it was quite funny. Labour for the win… And I also forgive you for not caring because you still hate Abbott. Right??

  2. I love to debate too. unfortunately I'm not on the team this year *sob* My nickname became "Loquacious" after last years season. LOL. Man i'm gonna miss it!xxseli

  3. Over debating, but I did have some super epic times. The 'celebrities should stay out of poliics' was the one we were listing 'rh' words, right? And there was the first debate that year, Charlie and I running around singing A Whole New World. And Patrick. Lol.Xoxo.. Toongen..

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