I’m Just Me

It’s time for another one of my rants. This one has been brought on by starting at my new school, and I know I’ve probably talked about it before, but I needed to do it again.
We all know I love all things Disney, but even if I didn’t, I really don’t see why there’s such a problem with teenagers liking it. How is enjoying a daily dose of Hannah Montana and blasting the Jonas Brothers any different to watching Gossip Girl and pumping Ke$ha? Why am I ridiculed for admitting Wizards of Waverly Place is one of my favourite shows and that I admire Demi Lovato? Why is it expected that I should listen to songs with too many swear words to count that are about sex rather than happy feeling, upbeat songs about true love and friendship? Songs with feeling and messages. Songs that leave me smiling and happy about who I am.
When did the teenagers of today decide that you’re not cool unless you like rap and hip hop, and then go ahead and follow the messages put through in the songs by sleeping around and partying hard.
Guess what? I’m not even sixteen. I’ve only just started year ten.
Why can’t I enjoy my childhood why I have it? Why should you judge me because the closest I have to a rap song on my iPod is ‘Thug Story’ and I spend my Friday nights watching chick-flicks and dcoms? I’m sorry that I’m almost sixteen and still haven’t kissed a boy. I’m sorry that according to you, I should have been having sex for at least a year. I’m sorry I don’t drink. I’m sorry I have morals.
Actually, I’m not sorry, why should I be? In the words of the Jonas Brothers, “I am what I am, I can’t help myself, and if you don’t like it get with somebody else, I’ll never change my ways, it’s not a phase, this is who I am and this is how I’m gonna stay”, and taking Selena’s advice “I won’t apologise for who I am”.
I honestly just don’t get it. What is the problem with Disney? I don’t hate on you for your interests, so can we have some respect and no hate on me for mine?

frangipani princess xoxo

21 thoughts on “I’m Just Me

  1. Hey frangi,I completely 100% agree! At the age of fifteen, I *gasp* have never come close to having a boyfriend, never touched alcohol and do not find it necessary to wear a bucket of makeup to school each day. I also genuinely love singing along to 'High School Musical' and re-watching Disney movies. Even something like 'Harry Potter' or just enjoying reading is too immature. Generally this makes you considered to be 'uptight' or 'geeky', as most people in my year and even some of my friends think. People in my class have regular sex, take drugs and get drunk almost every weekend. However, I try to remind myself that I am a stronger and more self-assured person than said girls. When I do have a relationship or drink it will special. It will be when I am completely ready, happy and most of all at the age of consent according to the law. You are not the only one, STAY STRONG! xx

  2. Dear Miss Shivi, are you totally retarted? you turn 16 in yr10.. so generally your gonna be 15 before you turn 16.. dumbass.ok so know thats outa the way..Dear Frangipani Princess,i think that this blog completely contradicts itself. you begin by complaining about people not sharing your love of disney. thats fine. but then you continue on by saying that the majority of teens are 'sleeping around' at 14 and getting blind every weekend.. where are you getting your facts from because as far as i can tell none of them are accurate. the majority of teens are not 'sleeping around' at 14 and by mid-late teens you are quite entitled to have sex and most sexually active teens are doing it with a boyfriend/girlfriend which is totally acceptable. you spend your entire blog bagging out those who choose to have this sort of relationship with their partner and then finish by saying that you dont 'hate on' people for their interests so we shouldnt 'hate on you' for yours. im still a virgin but im sure we're all quite aware that sex can be quite interesting so i would class that as an 'interest'. (your bagging out their interest honey) and i believe you are COMPLETELY out of line when you say that people who have sex and drink alcohol have 'no morals'. i have some extremely close friends who are currently having sex with their boyfriends and they are lovely, respectable young ladies who are always looking out for other people. they are kind and caring and treat others with tonnes of respect. you have no right to put everyone in this disgraceful category. there are alot of sluts around but that doesnt mean everyone falls under this category. i think it's high time you took your own advice and leave other people alone, they arent going to change just because you dont share the same views as them, just like your not going to stop loving disney just because people our age dont love it as well. could anyone else who shares the same views as me please comment and put little miss Frangipani Princess back in her place!

  3. Hey, who on earth said there is something wrong with you liking Disney?! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but nobody here is giving you crap for not liking the latest music so I think some people would appreciate it if you stopped making assumptions about what’s on everybody else’s mind. You never know, you might find that people respect you more..So are you saying that to be cool we should be listening to Rap and Hip Hop? Coz I’m sorry FP but I’ve never heard anyone say that.. Maybe you’re the one making up the expectations! Nobody said you shouldn’t enjoy your childhood! In fact that’s what we’re all doing! Maybe instead of thinking the world’s against you and your interests, try and see it from other people’s point-of-view.. Because just like you, they have interests too. And just because they might be a little bit more out-going and physically active then you that doesn’t mean they all “sleep around and party hard”. Nobody has ever said you should have been having sex for at least a year! Most people your age haven’t! And even if they have, that doesn’t make them dirty or slutty! Did you ever stop and think about the fact that maybe they truly loved the person they had sex with?! That maybe they don’t regret it and maybe, just maybe, they made the RIGHT DECISION for themselves?! So next time you go and rant about the teenagers of today being out-of-control and without morals, think again. Coz maybe they have had sex, and maybe they do drink from time to time, but they still have morals, just like you. And maybe they do do things that you haven’t done, or enjoy things that you don’t, but in which universe does that mean they aren’t enjoying their childhood too?

  4. Hey Nomy – Going by the times of the comment I'ma assume you're the same person – I don't know where you grew up but around our parts these, for the most part, aren't assumptions. Not all people go out and have sex and drink and party, but the ones who do do it hard.And did you ever think that maybe this is Frangi's place to rant and rave about what's on her mind and maybe, just maybe, you took her words out of context? Xoxo.. Toongen..P.S. As mcuh as I love Demi, I don't really admire her.

  5. hey toongen, im the one who wrote the 6.53pm comment.. i think i got my feelings across through my first comment pretty well, there was no need for me to go to the effort of writing a second lol. just perfect timing i guess. 🙂

  6. i totally agree with anonymous and anonymous,its not a big secret that people our age are having sex, going to parties and drinking. to me there is nothing wrong with that, everyones different and everyone has different opinions on how to have a "good time", FP your basically saying that all young people around our age who have sex and go to parties don't have any morials, did you ever think that they are in a loving stable relationship with someone they love?, and to them it was special?!, No ones asking you to change or be someone else, but your basically saying that anyone who isn't like you and does go out and party and has sex should feel bad about it and themselves! xx

  7. WHAT THE F TOONGEN?!?!"Not all people go out and have sex and drink and party, but the ones who do do it hard."Jesus you must be living in a one-person world because that's nowhere near the f-ing truth. Ok so I'm not a virgin, I drink occasionally and I attend some parties.. But last lime I checked, that doesn't make me a slut or a bad person! As a matter of fact I have never slept with anyone who I wasn't in a solid relationship with. I don't drink and party hard! I enjoy myself when I go out with my friends. So next time you feel the need to make another one of your brain-dead and totally stereotypical comments, maybe keep your f-ing mouth shut before you go making false judgements and hurt peoples feelings.

  8. hi guys. i don't normally comment, but i decided i had to draw the line here.to the last anonymous, you have to right to attack toong like that. unlike you, she knows the people i am talking about, and if you actually read my newest post, entitled 'clearing some things up' you would see that i am just talking about a few people, not everyone as you assume. i don't know who you are, and so i am not commenting on your behaviour.can we please keep it a bit nicer here from now on, and say any other opinions on my newest, clearing things up, post.thanks guys.fp xx

  9. Nomy, I KNOW not ALL people in all towns who drink and have sex do it hard but the people I know and the people Frangi knows, the people who advertise these facts and who judge her, do do it hard.I'm not judging people who drink and have sex, I know people who do, I'm just clearing up that you don't know these people like we do and you can't tell us we're wrong when we know exactly who and what we're talking about.You and her peers who drink and have sex may be great lovely, people with high morals, who don't judge each toher, but its another story for our peers.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  10. Well maybe it's different in other states(now that I think about it, it probably is) but in Western Australia you turn 16 in year 11 and your turn 17 in year 12, so anonymous, you're the dumbass for assuming that you always turn 16 in grade 10!"How rude!" (as Stephanie from Full House would say)

  11. Just to clear something up, one annoymous said they were virgin and the other however did not, so they could not possibly be the same person also, to type such a long message, it could take more than three minutes and whats the point of not doing it in the comment you already had?and also, with the 'attacking toongen' and that 'she actually knows about the people its directed at etc' does that possibly mean its directed at a few idividuals only? and wouldn't they ,have to be from your new school as, you just moved there?But on a nicer note, and i probably am contridicting myself but i must agree that this is your place to rant, and yeah. :)xox

  12. hi observing individual,toong is my best friend who also lives in my last town. although i did say the post was brought on by starting at a new school, i just meant the hate of disney part. other people it was about live in my last town (although you can probably find people like them everywhere)and yes, i don't think it was just one anonymous either :)fp xx

  13. haha, curious, cuz like it seemed you dont like your new school and cuz your old school you seemed really comfortable etc, from what i've read. so i kindov assumed. lol. but i guess thats prob cuz you'd grown comfortable and new schools are always bad at the beginning.:)xo

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