Who You Are

You probably all remember this post about Nick Jonas’ video for his first single Who I Am? Anyway, he has now release a program called ‘Who You Are’ where you can add your own pictures and captions to the video. You can find the website here. I don’t know what turns out like, as my computer is being lame (as usual) and won’t finish the uploads I’ve tried. It seems pretty cool though, and it’s a good marketing tactic; lure girls to the website to make the video and them bombard them with banners and ads for the release of the ‘Who I Am’ album (tomorrow (Feb 2nd) in the USA, Feb. 5th here).
I’m being a good girl and not listening to any of the songs until the album is released (unlike some I could name, *glares at toong*) but from what I’ve been hearing and the reviews of his concerts, the album is going to be AMAZING.
Someone asked me in my formspring the other day if I thought the teenie fans were keeping NJ&TA from getting the respect they deserve. I said:

I do think that contributes to it, yes. I think having screaming ten year olds (and younger) at every concert tends to make you automatically less-respected by the vast majority. They just assume you’re still a ‘kids singer’ and don’t take the time to actually listen to the music. Hopefully once the album is dropped more people pay attention to how amazing their music actually is, and give them the respect they deserve.

And I can only hope they do, ‘cos gosh they deserve it.

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Who You Are

  1. I see absolutely nothing wrong with youtubing concert videos. I haven't downloaded any studio versions and you know I fully intend to buy the album (wait, does that sentence make sense? it doesn't sound right), so it's not like I'm taking anything away from him.

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