February DOLLY Review

The last time Tsweezy was featured on the cover of DOLLY magazine (May ’09, I believe) I hated her with a passion. We all know my opinion of her has changed, and it’s only fitting that she is featured on the cover the month she is headed to Aus. to perform a series of (mostly sold out) concerts as part of her ‘Fearless’ tour.

The letter from the team (new editor Tiffany Dunk obv. hadn’t started for this issue, she has however, started now, and you can read her first dolly blog here) is predictably Valentine’s Day and Love themed, with graphs showing how they know they’re in love and a playlist full of their fave love songs.
Taylor’s cover girl feature is themed around her style, including one quote which says she’s obsessed with high heels. Taylor, honey, if you’re so obsessed with high heels, please do us all a favour and start teaming them with your sparkly dresses instead of the hideous cowboy boots you seem to love wearing. It also brings up her love of eyeliner, which, in my opinion, only adds to her squinty eyed-ness.
Props to Millie Chandler for calling her ‘Tswizzle’ in the opening description. Thug Story references for the win.

As it is the February issue, it was quite easy to guess, and not be disappointed, that the issue would be ‘Love’ themed. This includes an article on teenage brides. Being as obsessed with One Tree Hill as I am at the moment, this article just screams ‘NAILEY’, although they were cool and got married while in year eleven and seventeen, not after finishing school at nineteen like some couples featured in this article. My parents would kill me if I wanted to get married before twenty. Their view on it is that if we were so in love that we wanted to get married in our teens, we’d still be in love after uni and we could get married then.

The reviews section has beefed up this month, with a double page spread each for movies, books and music. I spy Nick Jonas and The Administration in the music review, although it says it sounds ‘just like the Jonas Brothers’, to which I beg to differ. The Jonas Brothers music is a lot more upbeat and fun (especially in their first two albums) as compared to ‘Who I Am’, which has an older, more intense sound. I cannot wait until it’s released here, which, according to Jonas Australia, is going to be on the fifth of February 😀
The mag finishes with a cute article on how to spread the love. My favourite way is to write out all the reasons why you love your best friend and grab some balloons, then put one reason inside each balloon, blow them up and give them to her. Then the two of you have a fun afternoon popping balloons and reading the reasons. I just might do this as part of my sweet sixteenth celebrations (less than two months!) with all my friends. Thirteen is also Tswift’s favourite number, so it’s only fitting that there are thirteen ways.

The issue comes with a beach towel (that also converts into a bag) and costs $7.95. It’s quite a good read, which you should totally go and buy.
(NB:I’ve decided to stop rating mags, as I pretty much sucked at it anyway, so I’m just going to say ‘buy’ or “don’t buy” from now on.)

frangipani princess xoxo

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