These Are My Confessions:

  • The second ‘g’ in ‘gg’ actually stands for ‘Geyer’, as they would be my initials if my thirteen year old self’s dream came true and I got to marry Dean Geyer, and not a shortening of my first name as many people believe.
  • I actually found myself momentarily upset the other day when I realised I had leant out my copy of Breaking Dawn and am now not likely to ever see it again.
  • The ratio of fictional to real boys on my ‘dream guys’ list is scarily one sided. And then to make it worse, the ratio of celebrities to ‘boys I actually know’ inside my ‘real boys’ list is even more one sided. Oh well, a girl can dream about marrying Seth Cohen (even though he totally married Summer, but whatever), kay?
  • Whenever my iPod is on shuffle and the Hoedown Throwdown comes on, I start dancing no matter what I’m doing. Take this morning for instance, when I started hoedown throwdown-ing with my window and blind wide open onto the street side of the house.
  • I have at least five different email addresses that are technically ‘still in use’, but I only really use two of them. I always forget to tell people that I don’t use my old msn address anymore and it’s really awkward when they discover I have a new one and haven’t told them. I probably should just tell everyone hahah.
  • I’m really shy, and sometimes that makes people think I’m a bitch. Take for instance, when I was at work experience, on the first day I ended up sharing a lift back from lunch with two of the other girls who were there with me. They said hello and tried to start a conversation, but I was too shy to respond. Go me.
  • I always say ‘Hi’ to people who are on msn at the same time as me, but if they don’t respond I either think that, a) they hate me, or b) they think I’m a crazed stalker for always saying hi. Maybe it’s a combination of the two. They hate me AND think I’m a crazed stalker.
  • I have major bloggers-block at the moment, hence all the pathetic excuses for posts. I do apologise and hope you will stick around until I finally get my act together and get inspired to write. Suggestions for posts are always welcome, you can comment them or email me (link in sidebar) 😀  

frangipani princess xoxo

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