A Trip Down Memory Lane.

I was trying to think of something to post about, and kept searching keywords to see if I had posted about certain topics before. I managed to keep getting distracted, reading old posts and either laughing hysterically at the sheer stupidity and terrible grammar of them, or reminiscing over old favourite posts. I decided I’d do a ‘Highlights’ post, linking to my favourite (or just memorable) posts from the last three years, just in case you missed them (or have forgotten about them) the first time around 🙂

My Very First Post:
Oh gosh. It’s worse than I remember. Read at your own risk.

The Careers I Will Never Be:
I don’t know what’s funnier about this post; the way I spelt ‘gorgeous’ or my friend Hayley’s comments about becoming a police officer, chef and meeting Tom Hawkins.

My Short Obsession With Superheroes:
The fact that this was the first day I started using the word ‘rad’ and I wrote ‘spiderman’ as ‘SPIDERMAN!’ for the entire post makes me giggle.

All The Ways That I’m Unique:
I honestly don’t remember poking people in the belly?

Here’s To Everyone:
Whaddya know? Apparently I really wanted a pogo stick in year seven.

This Little Piggy:
The day I realised that when the little piggy went to the market, he wasn’t coming home with fresh produce.

I was scarily obsessed with them for a thirteen year old.

How To Embarrass Your Teenage Daughter:
Who could forget this humiliating incident, back when Mischa was still cool?

The Time We Came Up With Our Own OC:
It was so perfect. Until they worked out the codenames.

The First Time I Mentioned The Jonas Brothers:
I had liked them for about four months previous to this, but this was the first time I mentioned them on here. Look how far we’ve come 😛

Deciding I Didn’t Really Like Twilight:
It took me long enough!

Our Life Plan:
The time Toong and I decided to run off and become disney stars. What’s changed?

Waiting For Tour Dates:
We’re still waiting.

Frangipani Princess Is In DOLLY:
Pretty much the most epic thing ever, no?

What Being A True Fan Means:
What it’s like being a hardcore JB fan.

Things I Have Learnt From Rocky Horror: http://frangipaniprincess.blogspot.com/2009/05/things-i-have-learned-from.html#comments. Surprisingly, they’re actually vaguely useful (and normal) lessons.

The Feud:
Ahh who could forget my epic feud with NozinAroun’? Good times, good times.

Showing How Far In I Really Am:
Yeah, I’m one of the top 25 Jonas Brother’s fans in Australia. I so should have won, stupid Roxy, whoever she is…

Song Lyrics That Describe Me:
I never did get around to telling you if you guessed correctly hahaha.

Things To Do Before I Die:
I must remember to keep updating that.

In your opinion, what have been my most memorable (for good, or bad reasons) posts? Do you agree with my list?

frangipani princess xoox

5 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane.

  1. You know, that truly was epic. Of ocurse, looking back at how utterly STUPID it was, I suppose life is much more interesting with drama. Makes my life a little more like the tv shows I so adore.

  2. I finally finished reading through all of those posts, it really shows how much you've changed as a writer. It was quite funny I must admit to read your old text talk posts and all the reader comments in the same style, Toongen especially!This has probably been one of my favourite posts Georgie, a great summary of your blogging history. I am so jealous you discovered the jonas brothers so early, you lucky lucky thing!I totally agree with this quote from your twilight post… "I think what happened with the series, is when you're reading it for the first time you get swept up in the whole 'Edward/Bella relationship' and fall so madly in love with Edward that you neglect to notice obvious plot flaws, half formed characters and just general lacking bits. Re-reading the beginning of New Moon last week I couldn't believe what I was reading. It was dull to the max. " It was beautiful all the same, I'd never felt so strongly towards a book and it was the first time I literally couldn't put a book down. Unfortunately what you said about twilight not be popular by "this time next year" didn't come true, the following is as strong as ever.It's funny how on the post about your blog being featured in DOLLY you bitched about Tswift but now you're going to her concert and love the girl :PI've noticed Nozin' Around has now been deleted.I loved the "What being a true fan means" post, absolutely beautiful.The other memorable post for me is the one where you said you'd been announced as one of the top 25 finalists in the nova competiton, as that was the post that made me cry. I didn't realise they'd already annouced the finalists until I'd read that post and I stupidly assumed I'd be in the top 25 so I was crushed as I obviously hadn't won, I'd wanted it so badly.But anyway I loved this post!

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