Magazine Inventory…

To make it look like I was working in my room this morning, I decided to do a magazine inventory. Here are the results:

First Issue: September 2005
Number of Issues: Fifty

Girlfriend –
First Issue: August 2004
Number of Issues: Sixty

Teen Vogue –
First Issue: December/January 2005
Number of Issues: Thirteen

Shop ‘Til You Drop –
First Issue: November 2005
Number of Issues: Fifteen

Chik –
First Issue: June 2006
Number of Issues: Two

Nylon –
First Issue: November 2007
Number of Issues: One

Frankie –
First Issue: March/April 2009
Number of Issues: Two

Teenie Titles (I put Popstar/BOP/Tigerbeat etc. in one category as a lot were missing covers and I really couldn’t be bothered finding out what they were) –
First Issue: January 2009
Number of Issues: Thirteen

Total Girl –
First Issue: Febuary 2009 (I got rid of all my old ones a few years ago)
Number of Issues: Three

Grazia –
First Issue: September 2009
Number of Issues: Two

Cleo –
First Issue: October 2009
Number of Issues: One

Rolling Stone –
First Issue: July 2009
Number of Issues: One

Seventeen –
First Issue: June 2009
Number of Issues: Two

TV Hits –
First Issue: Sometime in 2008 (couldn’t be bothered looking)
Number of Issues: Five

Harper’s Bazaar –
First Issue: August 2008
Number of Issues: Two

Marie Claire –
First Issue: Augut 2008

Number of Issues: One

Vogue Australia –
First Issue: December 2008
Number of Issues: One

Madison –
First Issue: October 2008
Number of Issues: Two

Various Weeklies (Who, OK, etc.) –
First Issue: Sometime in 2007
Number of Issues: Eight

JONAS Magazine (I’m that cool) –
First Issue: Late 2009
Number of Issues: One

TOTAL – One Hundred and Eighty Six (186) Magazines.

Magazines that may not seem really ‘me’ (Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar etc.) came in various showbags or were given to me as gifts. The total doesn’t include doubles (or triples) that I have of issues, and also doesn’t include another stash of mags that I’ve misplaced for this moment (knowing my luck, my mum threw them out without telling me).
How many mags do you have?

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Magazine Inventory…

  1. I've always been a bit of a mag freak, so I had heaps of all those total girl, barbie, girl power,etc magazines but then I threw most away. So that I'm not flooded with mags but can still reminisce, I've kept about 3-5 of all my old(bought 3+ years ago) mags.My current mag collection(teenie mags, frankie, jonas, GF, Dolly, teen vogue) is starting to build up though but I can't bare to throw them away! :O

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