My name is frangipani princess, and I’m a stalk-a-holic. None of that ancient ‘watch them with binoculars and keep a log book of their movements’ stalking, I’m talking about modern day cyber stalking. I just can’t help it. I’ll log onto someones profile, and before you know it, I’m reading all their comments, going to their friend’s profiles and going through their comments, looking at all their pictures and basically everything else you can do via a social networking profile. Of course, twitter has now come along and it basically screams “use me to stalk everyone, and I mean everyone!”. On twitter, nothing annoys me more than when people lock their updates. But, you know, they probably lock them so creeps like me can’t read everything they have to say. The same goes for myspace; private profiles are so frustrating that I now have my friends list littered with friends of friends of friends I only added to read their comments.
Yeah. I need help.
As much fun as cyber-creeping is, I also know the dark side of it. Nearly a year ago now I sent a comment to a friend who lives in Melbourne complaining about some girls at school. My comments were invisible on my page, and her profile was private. Still, the girls I was moaning about managed to read my comments and get their little sister to add my friend so they could read hers. They then printed off our entire conversation (including parts that were totally personal and had nothing to do with them), gave one copy to the principal (thank goodness it was my dad) and then handed the other fifty copies around year ten.
Oh, and then later last year I was accused of handing in some pictures of year eight girls drinking (I didn’t do it, but they assumed because my dad got copies…), all my favourite (read: girls who do crazy things that are fun to read about) people deleted me off myspace and made their profiles private. There went the majority of my cyber-creeping for quite a while.
Don’t think I’m limited to creepin’ people I know; the most fun people to stalk are celebrities. While their profiles are all professional now, and their comments are spammed by teenies declaring their love and begging them to come to their country (usually Brazil), if you click on the last page of their comments, things get juicy. Back in the day, they only used their profiles to talk to friends, and let’s just say, they are quite fun to read. Seriously, go try. Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift are the best to do this to, but the Jonas Brothers are entertaining, but not with anything controversial, nonetheless.
Is there a Cyber Stalk-a-holics Anonymous I can become a member of? Or do we have to start our own? Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this…

frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “Creepin’…

  1. even just googling people is fun.everyone does it – it's a question of degrees … just be careful, don't say anything you shouldn't, to anyone you shouldn't and be aware that your electronic activity is completely traceable … and for forever (in so far as you can't rely on someone magnetising a server just cause you want them too – also, google crawl will hold a cache copy of whatever you write).:)

  2. ha ha > I once had a love affair with a guy in Europe who had a girlfriend back home [yes, baaaaad] …needless to say I trawled facebook and the internet for images comparing myself with her. So no. You're not alone.

  3. me too, I feel like I'm the only one doing it but I knew there had to be others out there. I've never looked at the last page comments before but I defintiely shall, brilliant idea!!

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