Back Then We Were BFFs…

Today while cleaning out my room, I discovered a box of cards and letters that I had received upon moving seven years ago, and in the approximate two years that followed. The messages on the cards were all so sweet, but unfortunately, I’m only still in contact with one of the many senders. At the time we were all so close and were shattered when I moved away, but as we grew up from eight to nearly sixteen, we all discovered our own identities, and no two of those identities were the same, or even similar. As I found my love of disney, a former best friend found a love of indie, another girl discovered partying, and yet another is just fully immersed in the general beach culture. In the eight years leading up to my move we had all been so similar, but after the age of about ten we just drifted apart.
I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t moved. Would I like disney, or would I follow the coastal flow and become an indie lover? Would I still hate sport, or would I have learnt to surf and continued netball? Would I be as anti-drinking as I am now, or would I have joined the party scene? Would I have been able to become as confident in myself as I am, or would I have joined their quest for popularity and supposed happiness?
I guess it’s no use wondering, because I did move, and even though I lost some friends that back then I thought would be my friends forever, I found myself, and in life, that’s what’s most important.

frangipani princess xoxo

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