One Tree Hill Is Love…

Now I’m an OC girl from way back (if by way back, you mean start of 2008) but when I was home recovering from my operation my friend Mal leant me One Tree Hill (OTH) season one dvds (and I’m going to her house for a season two marathon tomorrow :D). I started watching and was hooked before the end of the first disc. Not only does it have Chad Michael Murray for eye candy, it has just the right mix of humor, romance and depressing scenes. It’s just so good. And it’s into like it’s seventh or eighth series or something. What the OC could have done if Mischa hadn’t decided to quit (not that I’m complaining, I would have liked to see Marissa dead in season one).
What I’ve decided to do today is do a comparison of the different types of characters in both shows, showing the teen drama stereotypes that exist today.

‘Forever’ Couple – Seth and Summer (OC) Haley and Nathan (OTH)
Alco Teen – Marissa (OC) Brooke (OTH)
Love Interest – Ryan (OC) Lucas (OTH)
Best Friends – Summer and Marissa (OC) Brooke and Peyton (OTH)
Nerdy Girl Come Cool – Taylor (OC) Haley (OTH)
Divorced Parents – Jimmy and Julie (OC) Dan and Deb (OTH)
Bad Guy Come Good – Ryan (OC) Nathan (OTH)
Supportive Parents – Sandy and Kirsten (OC) Karen and Keith (though technically an uncle) (OTH)

There’s more, but I’ve recently learnt that the word ‘moving’ is synonymous for ‘cleaning’ so I must go and take down all the posters in my room (*tear*), so why don’t you leave me your thoughts, or just favourite characters from either or both, in the comments 🙂

frangipani princess xoxo

8 thoughts on “One Tree Hill Is Love…

  1. One Tree Hill is so incredible. Season 3 is my favourite, there's one episode where I cried and cried and cried. You'll see why :)And Brooke and Lucas are my favourite characters, and I love them together. Brucas ftw, screw Leyton hahaha.Naley is adorabubble, I love them. And I hate Dan with a burning passion 🙂

  2. I've never seen One Tree Hill, but The OC is absolutely my favourite series of all-time.I'm like halfway through season 3 already, which means i know Marissa is gonna die soon but it's still gonna be so sad :(.Seth has gotta be my favourite character though; so witty and funny and cute all at the same time =]

  3. I thought we were taking down your posters in a few weeks? On the twentieth or something?Hmmm, Seth is my favourite. Remember Zach and Ryan? Lol.Xoxo.. toongen..

  4. I absolutely LOVE One Tree Hill. I've watched all the seasons up to Season 6, so I've just started watching season 6. And now I'm sort of addicted to the OC, I used to watch some on TV, but now I'm totally addicted to it, being 17. Wish it was on TV though. Nice blog, by the way! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!Tiana!

  5. Hey,Am confused – Taylor (even in the last season) was never actually cool. I think it's a misnomer …Bummer about the moving … having done it several times now – yeah, it involves a LOT of cleaning. Much of which Mum took care of (these days, not so much).

  6. I looooooooove One Tree Hill.I was watching the third season today and I got up to the saddest episode (well if there are any sadder I think I might die) and I have actually felt sad for the rest of the night since then.xx

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