I’m still a Total Girl…

When Total Girl Magazine was launched in 2002, I was eight years old and fell in love at first read.
When I was nine, my mum told me that if I ate a bowl of ravioli, she would buy me a subscription.
When I was eleven, after three years of devoted readership, I decided I had ‘outgrown’ the title, and moved on to the, in my pre-adolescent mind, ‘grown up’ magazines, Girlfriend and DOLLY.
Now at fifteen, I often find myself purchasing it (and girl power and disney girl /blush) again. While the titles aimed at my age group are awesome, they don’t often feature the celebrities I like (ok, love). As I was told by one worker when I was on work experience, “We could feature those celebrities, but most of our readers would probably find them a bit…childish.” It only makes sense then, that to get my fix, I must regress to my childhood and find magazines pretty much devoted to them.
Let’s look at the January Issue:

  • This month’s issue features Tsweezy on the cover, which is a win, but in the covergirl interview/feature it says she and Abigail have been best friends since they were eight. Have they never heard FIFTEEN? Obviously when the lyric says “You sit in class next to a red head named Abigail and soon enough you’re best friends”, it means they met in year nine. And in numerous interviews Taylor has said they bonded in the back of ‘freshman’ english because they were both bitter and didn’t want to hear about the unrequited love of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Check your facts, Total Girl.
  • Ok, so TG isn’t exactly feature heavy. It’s actually pretty feature non-existant, but I didn’t buy it to read articles aimed at ten year olds. What it does have is posters of Demi, Miranda, Selena,Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift and JB. Oh, and Kstew, Rpatz, Ricki-Lee and Delta, but who really cares about them?
  • It has an interview with the cast of glee which is nowhere near as interesting or funny as it’s big sister GF’s interview, but informative nonetheless. I mainly enjoyed it because instead of just Cory and Lea, they also spoke to Dianna and Mark (Quinn and Puck).
  • Two pages of Short Stack and a Justin Bieber mention are the main fails, but it could be worse. They could be included in the above mentioned poster section *shudder*
  • It has a Toy Story and Toy Story 2 3D double feature review. I am so freaking excited for this movie. Side note, my mother totally wouldn’t let me buy a Toy Story calender yesterday! Can you say fail? It also has Alvin and the Chipmunk The Squeakuel and Bran Nue Dae reviews, both of which I can’t wait to see, and The Princess and the Frog, Tooth Fairy, The Secret of Moonacre and Fantastic Mr Fox reviews, which I won’t mind missing.

Basically, if you’re ten, or ten at heart, this isn’t a bad read for $5.95, even if my covermounted headphones broke on opening…

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Just so I don’t get embarrassed at the newsagency, DOLLY and Girlfriend really should start putting Demi, Selena, JB etc. in their mags more. Surely people don’t see them as that childish… Do they?

6 thoughts on “I’m still a Total Girl…

  1. Love them. Apart from a issue or two of a Barbie mag back in the day I didn't read these mags until last year. I was an avid reader of Tv Hits until Gf/DOLLY, never of Total Girl and shiz. I remember we decided to buy these one day coz they had the cool celebs, then I saw all the US tennies and got addicted to those. Xoxo.. Toongen..P.S. After almost a solid year of buying magaznies aimed at those years younger than me, I'm way passed embarassed at our enwagents.

  2. haha omg total girl is waaaay over priced these days.Back in the day i had several subscriptions haha some of the posters i still have :/I wish that dolly and girlfriend would put more of all them in but also i wish they had more features like in cleo. Idk i guess im just weird like tht XD

  3. I agree with you i do find myself perusing the magazines aimed at younger peeps as i love all those you mentioned. Why can't someone make a magazine for those of us that are "young at heart". It's silly to assume that fans of Demi,Selena,JB and Taylor swift are 10 years old.xxseli

  4. I'm really quite pissed off at that person who said that to you, at your work experience,tbh. I mean, they do feature them, Selena was on the cover of GF/Dolly once and so was Miley and they refernce them now and then so they can't be that bad plus after checking out GF's facebook page it seems lots of their readers are JB fans.Does Dolly think Delta, Ricki-Lee and Kirsten Stewart are childish? They're featured in totalgirl so they better start boycotting them. Bloody hypocrites.

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