January Girlfriend Review…

As January comes, it brings with it the day set aside for celebrating our nation, creatively titled ‘Australia Day’. It is therefore fitting that the January issue of Girlfriend is devoted to the celebration of all things Aussie, and not Twilight (as entertainment ed Rob put it ‘finally!’). On first glance I could only pick Jessica Mauboy out of the three Australian covergirls, but on closer examination discovered another was Indiana Evans (seriously? What has she even done since quitting H&A? She was on H2O: Just Add Water for a while, but who actually watches that?!) and some random called Samara Weaving, who is apparently an actress. The cover is awesome, seemingly going for the minamalist effect with basic fonts and limited cover lines, as compared to DOLLY’s almost OTT current cover, filled with bright colours and a million coverlines (note to DOLLY, you don’t have to put everything on the cover, that’s what the contents page is for).

The Good:

  • In her ed’s letter, Sarah Cornish tells us that it’s been a year since they began their ‘Think. Do. Be. Positive’ campaign and then tells us in 2010 they want us to ‘pay it forward’ and spread the positiveness to everyone in our lives. Eight pages are then devoted to campaign, cleverly set into bright yellow layouts (yellow increases memory retention and happiness), including two pages filled with facts and graphs about readers lives and happiness.
  • ‘Australia: Why We Bloody Love It’. Fifteen reasons why “we love calling Strayl’ya home”. Personal favourites are “We know that ‘thongs’ are things that go on your feet and not a flimsy excuse for underwear. Hell, they’re practically national dress”, “We drive on the ‘right’ side of the road. Yuh huh”, “We don’t start wars” and “To us, getting dressed up means wearing shoes”.
  • ‘Hey, It’s OK To…’. Twelve things it’s well, ok to do. My favourites are “Eat fairy bread. Remember how good it was when you were a kid?”, “Eat a snickers before going to the gym. That’s why you go to the gym” (I’m more of a ‘chips before gym’ kinda girl, but whatever floats your boat) and “Have DVD dates with your mum. Who else will turn to you and say, ‘Oh, isn’t that young fellow a strapping dreamboat?”.
  • ‘Your Say’. Ok, so I haven’t actually read all the responses about climate change, but it has a giant picture of Captain Planet, so what’s not to love?!
  • ‘Instant Happiness Right Here’. Lots of random things to make you happy, including saying the words ‘persnickety’, ‘flibbertigibbet’ and ‘perambulator’. Plus it has an awesome layout.
  • Sarah Tarca’s beauty blog, as usual, is amazing. She doesn’t actually talk about beauty this month, but about things that make her happy. It inspired me to make a list of things that make me happy, which you can expect soon.
  • ‘How To Break Up With Mr Imaginary’. The main reason I love this is because under the heading “You have an imanginary boyfriend if…”, point five is “He’s a vampire”, and under the heading “Warning signs it’s gone to far:” , point three is “You’ve spent a lot of time figuring out the best ways to keep a relationship with a vampire secret from your ‘rents. A lot of time.”
  • Star Signs. Usually I ignore this section, but flicking to Pisces I discovered that in January Jupiter, ‘the planet of good luck’, will be in my sign for the first time in twelve years. Perfect for starting a new school, no?
  • Rob’s Blog. He goes through his favourite Australian celebrities and discovers they’re all from Tasmania.

The Bad:

  • In the movie reviews, they claim Ryan Gosling stars in The Lovely Bones. Uh, according to IMDB, he’s not in it at all…
  • As I guessed here, it was only a matter of issues before Justin Bieber popped up in the Aussie mags. He’s mentioned twice in this issue. Please don’t let him become an obsession Girlfriend, PLEASE.
  • ‘Futurama’ looks at what our near future holds according to movies, and unfortunately it’s not a pretty picture on the most part. Couldn’t we have replaced this with a well, less apocalyptic, future movie feature?
  • ‘Hot Young Aussies’. As much as these young aussies have achieved, in the scheme of things Australian celebrities suck. Sure, some of what they’ve done is cool, but I’ve never heard of most of them, and some of the ones I have heard of *cough* short stack *cough*, I wish I hadn’t. I do, however, spot Ellie-Jean Coffey, who grew up in the same town I did, but while I spend my days here, in front of my computer, she’s spent her fifteen years becoming “the next Layne Beachly”.

The issue comes with some Neutrogena acne stuff, and this ‘bag’ that you can either buy tie-dye stuff from spotlight for or cut the bottom off and make into a tee. How about “shove it to the back of my cupboard because I’m lazy and uncreative?” The issue is also three whole dollars cheaper than the issue of DOLLY currently on the stands, at $6.95.
It’s a seriously epic issue, 9/10.

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “January Girlfriend Review…

  1. Hello, I saw your blog mentioned by a follower of mine on Twitter so I'd thought check it out. The lack of Twilight in GF this month is a good thing but in June or July this year, we Twihaters will have to go through the pain and agony of the over the top rubbish that will coincide with the release of Eclipse so it's going to happen all over again

  2. Haven't bought this issue yet, currently I'm loving Frankie, and Peppermint magazines. They kinda opened up my eyes, you might want to take a look at them GG, especially Frankie, the writers are very talented. I totally agree about the whole Indianna Evans thing, you're right, hardly anyone watches that show, I'd say mostly primary school kids would watch it and even when I was in primary school I didn't like the show. And if me and you don't watch it and were hardcore disney lovers, then that's saying something….She is gorgeous though, she should get into modelling. Samantha Who?! pfft

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