December/January DOLLY Review…

Note: I had planned to post this like two weeks ago, but i ‘misplaced’ my issue and I only just found it, so here it is now đŸ™‚
Even though the flight from Sydney to Albury is only around forty five minutes, it’s still excruiatingly boring, so I was delighted when the release of the December/January issue of DOLLY coincided with my flight home.
Leighton Meester is on the cover which comes as a much welcome change from the many (MANY) twilight covers of the past few months. It also comes with some Dangerfield headphones, which raise the cover price to $9.95. To tell you the truth, I would have prefered paying $5.95 and not getting anything; I’m just never going to use the headphones.
Instead of the usual ed’s letter (Emma Vidgen was acting ed in this issue, before Tiffany Dunk takes over in what I can only assume will be the next issue) there is a picture of the entire team and some of the best and worst Christmas presents they have ever received.
The Good:

  • ‘Read This Before You Hook Up’ featuring Zoe Forster (fruity beauty/Primped/Air Kisses) and Hamish Blake (Hamish and Andy. Duh.). The best friends have just released a book called ‘Textbook Romance’ and in this article they share their hookup secrets and stats.
  • ‘Made With Love’ DIY project feature. As someone extremely un-crafty and un-artistic, but who also needs to decorate a room in the new year, this feature is exactly what I needed. The fact that  I also helped buy the stuff for the cd clock, shared a work experience desk with the girl pictured in the ruffled shirt, stained my new dress by sitting in paint while spray painting the ornaments and hunted in the toy aisle to find barbie clothes for the picture frame just made it the whole lot cooler.
  • ‘Friends With Benefits’. Who knew hanging out with your best buds had health benefits?
  • ‘How Will You Get Home Tonight?’ DOLLY’s get home safe campaign is a really good initative. I really like the layout as well. The stories make you want to cry though. Never get in the car with a drunk driver.
  • ‘We Beat The Body Bullies’ girls with different body ‘issues’ (red hair, too tall, big boobs etc.) let us know how they overcame body bullies.

The Bad:

  • ‘The Ultimate Christmas Wish List’. Simply a sixteen page promotion for
  • ‘Full Of Glee’. Sorry DOLLY, your interview with Lea and Cory is informative and all, but it has nothing on Girlfriend’s interview with them.
  • ‘Which DOLLY Emoticon Are You?’ Lame, lame quiz.
  • This issue seemed to be lacking in features. I don’t know, it was probably just me, but when I was reading it, there didn’t seem a lot to actually read.

All in all, the issue is alright. It’s a nice break from the Twishite filled issues of the last million months, but it just seems to be lacking something. Maybe a 6/10.

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. I’m thinking of maybe doing  frangipani princess give-away/competition-y thing. Would anyone be interested?

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